If you haven’t seen bucks chasing does, you are not looking! The rut is on! I’ve been seeing this for over a week now.

I did some checking, and Defiance County is the only county in our five-county area that is running behind last year’s count for archery deer production, and they are only off by three deer at 238 so far. Williams County leads all five with 286; that’s thanks to the antlerless deer that have provided the increase. Henry County is at 109, Paulding County at 153, with Fulton County having 115 deer harvested.

Statewide, we are up over 1,200 deer with 27,996 taken. Buck-to-doe ratio is similar to the state average, except for Henry and Fulton counties, where the ratio is a little higher.

Good news for Williams County hunters: Jacoby’s is open under new management and will be accepting deer. The unpublished new phone number is 419-924-8032. They are hoping to get with involved with efforts to accept deer for some of the feeding-the-poor programs, but have not gotten that yet. We will have a place to take our deer locally.

Acorn or mast production is down for white oaks, but up for red oaks. This may affect where you hunt.

Ducks Unlimited will be holding its banquet or Black Swamp dinner at 5 p.m. at Bryan Eagles on Saturday, Nov. 9 at 5 p.m. The Eagles #2233 is located at 221 S. Walnut Street in Bryan, Ohio. This is their major membership banquet, and the usual raffles will be held.

Rabbit and pheasant are now legal, as are most species. Hunting is in full swing. With leaves falling quickly, the color is fading fast, but squirrel and deer hunters have a better view of their quarry.

Fishing is not over, but those on big lakes are fighting with wind and waves. Muskie, perch and bass are all doing well, and steelheads are picking up nicely in both Michigan and northeast Ohio Great Lakes tributaries.

One other piece of fishing news is that three lines may be used next year in both the Ohio River and Lake Erie. This was recently passed legislation. Trollers will now be able to have more lines to tangle up while trolling for walleye on Lake Erie. Bank anglers will need to stay alert on the Ohio River to keep them from losing a rod to a strong fish when they are not watching closely. Enjoy the new regulations.

Til next time...

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