Details for Dombrowski Probate


To: Jane Doe 1 (residence unknown), the unknown spouse
of Vincent Dombrowski; Jane Doe 2 (residence unknown),
the unknown spouse of Jeffrey Dombrowski; and Jane Doe
3 (residence unknown), the unknown spouse of Alexander
Dombrowski, Jr; and the unknown heirs of Alexander L.
Dombrowski; and all persons interested in the Estate of
Alexander L. Dombrowski, Deceased, Williams County
Probate Court, Case No. 20201066.
Juanita Dombrowski, the Administrator of the Estate of
Alexander Dombrowski has filed in Williams County
Probate Court Case Number 20201066A a “Complaint for
Authority to Sell Real Estate to Pay Debts of the Estate.”
The Plaintiff prays that she be authorized to sell the
real estate owned by Alexander Dombrowski, deceased,
free and clear of the claims, interest, liens and right and
expectancy of dower therein of all persons to this action,
that she be authorized to employ a real estate broker/
auctioneer to assist in such sale and to pay said real
estate broker/auctioneer the real estate commission
customary in the vicinity of said real estate, for an award
of attorney’s fees, and for such other and further relief to
which Plaintiff may be entitled in the premises. Said real
estate is commonly known as Williams County Permanent
Parcel Numbers 094-080-00-002.000 and 094-090-00002.000, located at 08161 CR S, Edon OH, and 2335 CR
S, Edon, OH, respectively. You are hereby notified that
you are required to answer or respond to said Complaint
on or before December 11, 2020. The Williams County
Probate Court is located at 1 Courthouse Sq., 2nd Floor,
Bryan, OH 43506.


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