The Bryan Times,

Concerning the firing of Assistant Chief Gary Mohre, "Mohre out as Bryan assistant chief; Chief Chapa still under investigation," Sept. 8, The Bryan Times. I know that Gary Mohre was asked to come to Bryan Police Department to fill a spot as Assistant Chief. I was really hoping to see a big change in law enforcement in Bryan because of his hiring. There has been a lot of turmoil between Chief Chapa and other officers who have left. I know. I have talked to them recently. These were good, seasoned officers, who if it weren't for the conditions they had to work under, they would still be there! Why doesn't anyone listen to them? Isn't the occupation tough enough without having to put up with petty internal issues? I know, I had to go through the same thing on the Sheriff's Department during my 25 years. It's not pleasant in any occupation, but in Law Enforcement, we see about 90% negativity!! Your officers are what makes the Chief and the Mayor look good when they are satisfied to come to work. Apparently, this hasn't happened for quite a while in Bryan, and maybe, they just don't care about a word called morale. I know Gary. I worked with Gary in law enforcement for years. He is a good honest man, who loves law enforcement or he wouldn't have been doing it for 40 plus years. The Mayor said he destroyed public records. The public records she was talking about were messages and Facebook posts from people like you and me, cheering him on! What does that have to do with destruction of records? Those are his personal messages and Facebook contacts that are deleted! Someone is drawing at straws, aren't they. I was under the impression that Gary would be an administrative officer, not someone who worked the road. Is he expected to wade into bar fights and domestics? There are plenty of other officers who are a lot younger to do that kind of thing. Someone doesn't know the meaning of administration! Again, I am so sorry for what has happened to law enforcement in Bryan, and if the officials don't start taking this seriously, it will continue to falter.

Marty Potts


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