The Bryan Board of Public Affairs wrapped up 2020 with a final meeting online Thursday morning and happily put the year behind them.

The Board appointed Nathan Gardner to serve as Bryan’s representative on the American Municipal Power Board of Trustees for 2021 while Tom Sprow was elected chairman and Jim Salisbury was elected co-chair. Outgoing 2020 Board Chairman Dick Long was elected to serve in the Ohio Electric Municipal Association as alternate for Mayor Carrie Schlade as needed.

“We’ve had some very interesting years, but nothing holds a candle to this one,” Salisbury said of 2020. “Dick Long did a great job. He took on a lot of responsibility and put in a lot of extra time. Nothing is going to change overnight but I hope 2021 is better.”

Long replied “I’m not sure if 2020 is a year I want to remember or forget. We went through a lot of challenges but we got through them just fine.

“It was a very challenging year,” Long said. “It’s like we all jumped in to the water not knowing if there were sharks, alligators or what. Thanks to everyone for their hard work, mitigating the potential of us getting ate up. We did a fantastic job with the budget and we’ll be OK. I’m looking forward to 2021. We won’t beat COVID right away but it will get better and we’ll keep on keeping on to make Bryan a better place.”

Annette Schreiner, who just completed her first year on the Board, said “2020 was a great learning experience, difficult at times with lots of adjustments and changes on the fly.

“Let’s bring on 2021 and see how things get better moving forward,” she said.

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