With its now-completed move uptown, Peters Family Eyecare has a clear vision for its future centered on patient care.

The eye care clinic and store’s new modern-style home in the building at 219 S. Main St., next to Subway, has been owned by Dr. Randy Peters, OD for about a decade, since Peters first eyed it as perfect for an eventual move to expand its staff level, services, frame selection and floor plan.

“One of the reasons why we did this is we believe in continuing to move forward and part of moving forward is serving our patient population,” said Peters. “The more people we can help, the better I sleep at night. I have a passion for helping people through their eyes.”

The building nearly doubles the clinic’s floor space, from 2,500 square feet at its former 1206 S. Main St., location, to 4,500 square feet at its new facility.

The extra space has enabled Peters, not only to hire four employees, with several more to come, but also to expand eyewear selection to include more options within popular brands like Coach, Prada, Oakley, Ray Ban and others. Peters estimates selection has almost tripled.

“We needed to move about three years ago. We had been short on space,” explained Peters, who said he held off on a move to save money and “do it the right way.”

“It was kind of my dream to move back towards downtown Bryan. That was in the back of my mind when we bought this building ... We finally realized it.

“It feels awesome to be in our new space,” he said. “We can’t wait to have our community and our patients check us out and see what we’ve done.”

As a medical professional, an expansion on the clinic’s specialization in dry eye has Peters particularly excited about the extra space.

“As our patient population has expanded, we now are in a situation where we can offer services at the highest level,” he said. “We have specialized in dry eye, but now we have a dedicated dry eye space here.”

As he explained, that area of expertise has been highlighted in recent years, as new information on the topic becomes available.

“What we’ve found out about dry eye is that it’s way more common and it’s way more complicated than we ever thought as a profession,” said Peters, noting he himself has suffered from dry eye for a decade following Lasik surgery.

“Since then, I’ve had an inherent interest in trying to not only help myself, but more importantly helping my patients,” said Peters.

“Whether it’s providing simple things like lubricant drops, which might be a first step, to walking right up the ladder and providing them with an ultrasound treatment called MiBoFlo or even helping to repair their corneas with these things called amniotic membranes, which help people at the highest level when it comes to making their eyes heal better.”

And Peters said the firm will continue to explore any and all new avenues for services moving forward.

“One of the things we hear from our patients is that they’ve never had such a thorough, more advanced eye exam,” said Peters.

“That’s part of the reason we continue to expand. We’re not afraid to offer as many services and technology-based eye care solutions as we can so that people leave our practice feeling like they’ve received value and quality eye care.

“To me, that’s so important, whether it’s the eye care or the eyewear, that they feel like they are more than satisfied.”

For Peters Family Eyecare, the process of the move officially began about six months ago, and entailed the reconfiguration of four units within the 217 219 S. Main St. building into three units.

But for Peters himself, trying to get back to the downtown portion of the Fountain City has been a long held desire for his practice, which he originally moved to Bryan in the mid-1990s.

“We came to Bryan back in 1995 and just fell in love with downtown Bryan,” recalled Peters. “It was a December night, it was snowing, the lights were on on the square. We just felt almost immediately that this was home to us.”

In conjunction with the move, Peters is increasing his weekly availability and the clinic will now remain open until 5 p.m. on Fridays.

“We anticipate that the new hours will be more efficient, customer-friendly and convenient for our patients,” said Peters.

Peters thanked Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade, Bryan Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dan Yahraus, Williams County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Matt Davis, as well as Bryan Engineering Department officials Andy Waterston and Brian Wieland, Welling Construction Inc. and others for their aid throughout the process.

A Bryan Area Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held Aug. 12 at 11 a.m., with additional plans for a community open house to be held in the near future.

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