Seventh grade

All A’s

Adysen Andres

Austin Batterson

Oliviah Clingaman

Emmalee Fulk

A’s and B’s

Jacob Cadwell

Mattias Cheeseman

Kierstyn Crosser

Michael Donovan

Karah Gerencser

Laura Leupp

Taylore Rethmel

Angela Soellner

Eighth grade

All A’s

Jessie Currier

Kaitlyn Myers

Emma Rohrs

Emmalyn Westrick

Sage Woolace

A’s and B’s

Logan Carroll

Leah Heeres

Kaleb Huffman

Santiago Limon

Abbie Meyer

Maddyson Miehls

Jeffrie Pace

Gabrielle Ramon

Kaitlyn St. John


All A’s

Brianna Breier

Karina Guthrie

Abigail Meyer

Marissa Myers

Bailey Short

A’s and B’s

Tristan Atkinson

Victoria Bost

Jennifer Deitz

Haylee Fulk

Alexa Martinez


All A’s

Spencer Clingaman

Ariane Dangler

Gabriella Dickinson

Kaitlyn LaBo

Caitlyn Lyons

Kinsey Myers

McKenna Nowak

Ryan Ruffer

Morgan Rupp

Olivia Whitlock

Trinitie Woolace

A’s and B’s

Kaleb Holsopple

Joseph Ramon

Payton Woolace


All A’s

Makenzie Cadwell

Abigail Grice

Anna Heeres

Courtney Stewart

A’s and B’s

Kalista Blevins

Emilyanne Cox

Arik Huffman

Sophia Kerr

Jaelina Mitchell

Emanuel Villanueva

Jingru Zhao

Four County

Gavin Campbell


All A’s

Thomas Bost

Erica Breier

Luke Holsopple

A’s and B’s

Breanna Doriot

Reece Hall

Izayuh Littin

Hayden Meyer

Cody Moser

Four County

Jordan Boyd

Jacob Rohrs

Anna Stuckey

Aaliyah Waterfield

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