Signage is seen at The Goldsmith Theatre, formerly known as the Little Theater Off the Square, where the Williams County Community Theatre’s performances are held. WCCT has announced the cancellation of the rest of its performances for 2020.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Williams County Community Theatre is joining many other organizations to cancel plans by not having any more plays this year.

The decision “wasn’t made lightly,” WCCT trustee president Mary Beth Snider told The Bryan Times Friday.

“We have a small theater so we really can’t spread (out); We can’t put a lot of people in the seats to do a performance,” she said. “So, that’s the biggest reason — we can’t really social distance in our theater.”

The plays meant for this season will instead be performed next year and anyone with a season ticket can use that ticket next year.

One play, “65 Roses,” was put on earlier this year with no problem and production had already started on “Steel Magnolias” when the state shut down.

The cast had already been selected.

“They had started gathering props for the set and that sort of thing,” Snider said. “Some of the cast members live with older people; They didn’t feel comfortable getting together. So (the director) got ahold of the cast and asked, ‘Hey, are you guys available for next year? The first show of the season?’ And they all said yes. So, I think we’re going with the same cast.”

“Steel Magnolias” will be the first show of next season. The board will need to decide on a second show but “Everybody Loves Opal” will be the third show while a fourth show, “Murder at Rosie’s Gin Joint” will be the last one of the season.

The last one, Snider said, was written by Deb Clum, a WCCT member.

“It has to do with the ‘20s, like the roaring ‘20s, at Christmastime,” she said. “(Clum) has been a member of the theater for a long time, so it’s by one of our own.”

WCCT is also planning a port-a-pit chicken dinner on Aug. 13. Tickets can be purchased by calling the office or speaking with a WCCT member.

“We’re all wishing that this is over with because we really want to put on plays for the community; We love to watch the plays, we love to be in the plays,” Snider said. “We’re all anxious about getting back, so wear your masks, everybody.”

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