Vaccination efforts in Williams County have resulted in 11% of residents being inoculated against COVID-19, a virus that has resulted in the deaths of nearly 500,000 Americans and 2.46 million people worldwide.

State data shows Williams County has given at least the first of two doses of the vaccine to 4,111 people, which accounts for 11.2% of the population.

Of those, 3,974 have received the first dose as of Feb. 17, according to the Williams County Health Department. A total of 1,126 county residents have received both doses.

While the overall number is relatively low, the county has been able to vaccinate a good portion of the priority age groups.

For example, nearly 65% of the county’s 80 years old or older population have been vaccinated, along with 54.66% of the 75-79 year olds.

The Williams County Health Department will have its next vaccination clinic Thursday, Feb. 25, at the Bryan Senior Center.

While most of the clinics have been at the Bryan Senior Center, Health Commissioner Jim Watkins said they were looking at possibly doing one at the former Montpelier Superior School.

“We’re looking at other locations all the time, trying to find different locations around the county,” he said, adding they could hold one elsewhere in the county as early as next week.

Watkins said he is happy with the results of the vaccination campaign as they get the vaccine out to people when they get it in.

“We can’t do more than what the vaccine provides,” he said.

Supply has always been an issue, with Watkins having said several times in the past there is always more demand than vaccine.

Of those vaccinated, 1,508 are over the age of 65, which is the current priority.

Next week, Watkins said, teachers will receive their second dose.

“We’re making some good progress there, working our way down the list (of priorities),” he said. “I know that earlier (Monday) they were talking about scheduling some 70 year olds.”

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