Matt Killion

Bryan Municipal Utilities Power Production Superintendent Matt Killion discusses his pending retirement, Tuesday in the Bryan Board of Public Affairs meeting room. MAX REINHART/Staff

City leaders say Bryan Municipal Utilities Power Production Superintendent Matt Killion has been instrumental in stabilizing BMU’s energy generation and growing its revenue supply.

At the end of the month, BMU will say goodbye to Killion, who is retiring after 11 years with the local utilities provider.

The Bryan Board of Public Affairs approved the retirement during their regular meeting on Tuesday and had nothing but praise for Killion.

“I appreciate your patience,” said board member Dick Long, who worked with Killion at BMU for four years. “You taught me some things I didn’t think I could learn.”

BMU Director of Utilities Kevin Maynard noted that during his two years as director, BMU hasn’t missed one peak shaving period and has saved BMU customers “millions of dollars.”

While Killion was quick to point out that his department’s successes were a team effort, Maynard told Killion that “It’s a team effort, and you’re the leader of that team. You set the tone.”

Killion came to BMU after working in industrial maintenance and engineering at General Motors as an apprentice and Johns Manville as a senior project engineer.

He sites improvements at the Auglaize Hydroelectric Plant as his biggest accomplishment.

“I’ve had a wonderful staff to work with, along with the other superintendents and just everyone throughout the city,” Killion said following the meeting Tuesday.

Among other pursuits, Killion looks forward to boating on Lake Erie and the Auglaize River in retirement.

The board also approved BMU to seek Killion’s successor on Tuesday.

In other recent action, the board approved:

• A $50,000 appropriation to the water source protection fund, in conjunction with an anticipated ground water monitoring program.

• Moving assistance power production superintendent James Coressel and videographer Kristopher Bryce to regular employment status.

• Educational assistance for Power Plant Operator Kevin Douglas, who is taking two classes at Northwest State Community College.

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