Two deceased persons were found Monday afternoon at 1106A Cardinal Drive.

Bryan police and fire personnel, Williams County EMS and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation responded to the normally quiet neighborhood after a 911 call reported a possible dead body. They found the two persons — believed to be a man and a woman — inside apartment A of the duplex.

“The Bryan Police Department is opening an investigation with the assistance of BCI,” Bryan Police Chief Chris Chapa stated in a press release Monday evening.

One female neighbor interviewed by The Bryan Times at the scene, who said she lives across the street from 1106A, said the occupants were an elderly married couple.

“They were wonderful people. This is so awful,” said the neighbor, who declined to give her name or address out of fear for her safety.

“He was always outside watering his plants,” the neighbor said. “He took a lot of pride in his flowers.” The front side of the apartment that’s visible from Cardinal Drive is ringed with dozens of potted plants and flowers.

“Their garage door was always open, he was always out in his garage. But Saturday the door was shut. Then Sunday it was shut again,” the neighbor said. “I thought it was odd, but since it was Father’s Day on Sunday, I thought maybe they’d probably gone somewhere.”

The neighbor said she heard sirens outside her duplex about 1 p.m. Monday. She said initially she wasn’t too surprised to hear sirens or hear them stop right in front of her house. “The lady had been sick,” she said. “She had been transported by the ambulance several times recently.”

A second female neighbor, who lives next door to 1106A, said police had questioned her about “hearing loud noises within the past week,” but she said she had not.

“I did think it was odd that his flowers were looking so bad, like they needed water. He was always watering them. He really loved his flowers,” said the next door neighbor.

Reached by phone about 7 p.m. Monday, Chapa said the family has been notified but he declined to comment or release any further details.

“It’s still early in the investigation,” Chapa told The Bryan Times.

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