Tint Meter

Bryan police demonstrate use of their new Enforcer II Tint Meters.

The Bryan Police Department has a new piece of equipment to ensure public safety on the streets.

The department has purchased Enforcer II Tint Meters to measure the shade of vehicle window tints and plans to implement them over the summer. By law, the windshield and front windows of any vehicle are limited to less than 50% tint to ensure driver visibility.

“It’s all about officer and public safety,” Police Captain Greg Ruskey said. “If we can’t see in, the driver can’t see out.”

Police Chief Chris Chapa said that factory-installed window tints won’t be a problem but the darker after-market modifications are a concern.

“We’ve started seeing quite a few vehicles with dark windows, where we can’t see the driver or the number of people inside,” Chapa said. “We just want to take care of it before it becomes an issue.

“It’s nothing different from what the Ohio State Highway Patrol already does,” he said. “We’re using the same equipment.

“We’ll do an education period for a month to issue warnings,” Chapa said. “After that it’s just like any other vehicle defect, like a muffler or cracked windshield. If you get a ticket you’ll get time to fix it. Just stop by the office when you’re done so we can check it out.”

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