Booster Club Awards Night

Isabella Rigg, left, receives the U.S. Army National Scholar-Athlete award during the Bryan City Schools Booster Club Awards Night on Monday. LUCAS BECHTOL/Staff

The Academic Booster Club recognized a bevy of Bryan City Schools students for their success in and dedication to academic and athletic pursuits Monday at its annual Booster Club Awards Night.

It was all part of an annual ceremony for the district in which hundreds of students get their well-deserved moment in the sun.

The occasion also marked the reveal of the annual 2019 Benedict Family Outstanding Educator Award, which was this year given to first grade teacher Ben Osterland, who has been with the district for more than a decade and is one of the masterminds behind implementation of the district’s PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program, which encourages good behavior and attitude through numerous measures and activities throughout the school year.

Osterland has made numerous video messages for each step of the program and came up with the schoolwide PBIS chant. Additionally, Osterland was behind the school’s first-year running club for grades 3-6, which drew in 100 students and 15 additional staff helpers this year alone, even holding informal “meets.”

A full profile of Osterland featuring insight into his personality, teaching style and accomplishments at Bryan will run in a future edition of The Bryan Times, due to lack of space and time consideration for today’s edition.

Listed below are highlighted student awards.

State All-Academic Athletes

• Golf: Connor Shirkey, Andrew Peters

• Girls tennis: Sloane Brown, Olivia DeLeon, Katelyn Farrell, Katherine Grothaus, Jennessa Johnson, Taylor Peters

• Boys tennis: Case Hartman, Keegan McCashen, Brendan Reiser, Caleb Zuver


• OHSAA Scholar-Athlete: Andrew Peters and Kayla Arnold

• OHSAA Courageous Student-Athlete: Alexis Morris

• Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award: Andrew Knight and McKenna Grube

• State Award for Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity: Isaiah Taylor

• NFHS Award of Excellence: Logan Psurny and Kennedy Lamberson


• Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete: Zachariah Dye

• Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence: Logan Psurny

• Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Isaiah Taylor

• U.S. Army National Scholar Athlete: Connor Shirkey and Isabella Rigg


• Bryan Times Academic All-Star Award: Isaiah Taylor

• WTVG Best of the Class: Kayla Arnold, McKenna Grube, Andrew Peters

• Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Senior Tribute: Sloane Brown, Katherine Grothaus, Thibaut Woolace

• American Legion & Auxiliary Americanism & Government Winners: Tamrik Hall, Katherine Grothaus, Madison Johnson, Benjamin Wieland, Breven Deckrosh, Alanna Romes

• Business and Technology Excellence: Connor Barlow Pelland, Zachariah Dye, Payne Frank, Tamrik Hall, Jonathon Heldberg, Zachary Pittman, Hannah Psurny, Mikayla Vonseggern, Madeline Whittaker, Xiao (Crystal) Xie

• Visual, Communications and Technology (VCT) Excellence: Collin Clark, Jeffrey Devlin, Zachariah Dye, Bryce Harris, Anthony Malanga, Ireland Moor, Rayvin Oehler, Parker Rosebrook

• Family Consumer Sciences Excellence: Connor Barlow Pelland, Jeremy Durdel, Alyssia Foust, Kyla Fox, Tamrik Hall, Logan Hanna, Elizabeth Holbrook, Ashleigh Koch, Trevor Love, Litzy Palos, Clayton Peel, Isabella Rigg, Brittany Risner, Titus Rohrer, Adrianna Springer, Isaiah Taylor, Megan Voigt, Mikayla Vonseggern, Ramsey Walls, Audrey Zimmerman

Foreign Language

• Honors Spanish 1 Excellence: Drew Dauber, Lauren Lambert

• Honors Spanish 1 Achievement: Kiera Bauer, Rayann Collins

• Spanish 1 Excellence: Aquilina Cordic, Lily Dixon

• Spanish 1 Achievement: Blake Grube, Kaitlyn Posey

• Honors Spanish 2 Excellence: Addison Arnold, Delilah Taylor

• Honors Spanish 2 Achievement: Emilee Bassett, Allison Zimmerman

• Spanish 2 Excellence: Abigail Fernihough, Michaela Shell, Mallorie Staup

• Spanish 2 Achievement: Nathanael Hess, Isaac Lamore, Lauren Redhead

• Honors Spanish 3 Excellence: Jillian Drinnon, Alanna Romes

• Honors Spanish 3 Achievement: Tyler Manon, Ariana Penny

• Spanish 3 Excellence: Katrina Kellogg

• Spanish 3 Achievement: Madeline Whittaker

Language Arts

• Freshmen Honors English Excellence: Lily Dixon, Katherine Seaman

• Freshmen English Excellence: Brianna Buchanan, William Douglas, Aden Duman, James Fortner, Madison Grisier

• Freshmen English Achievement: Jerzie Downing, Maxwell Eckhardt, Grace Mueller, Ellyn Murphy, Ethan Patterson, Kaitlyn Posey, Jaiden Yates

• Sophomore Honors English Excellence: Kloee Antigo, Abigail Fernihough, Ariana Penny, Michaela Shell

• Sophomore Honors English Achievement: Gabriella Bany, Jillian Drinnon, Shallyn Miley, Alanna Romes, Maci Tinkel

• Sophomore English Excellence: Andrew Cogswell, Kayla Degroff, Alexis Firm, Christopher Imm, Canon Lamberson, Breanna Long, Addison Oberlin, Elijah Seiler, Austin Tomaszewski

• Sophomore English Achievement: Dacey Bishop, Allison Brown, Alyssia Foust, Logan Heller, Nolan Kidston, Alexis Kozumplik, Jeremiah Littin, Dylan McElfresh, Keith Moniz Huard, Clayton Rupp, Hailey Tressler, Hannah Tressler

• Advanced Placement English Excellence: Katherine Grothaus, Audrey Zimmerman

• Advanced Placement English Achievement: Logan Psurny, Lauren Redhead, Hope Snider

• Junior English Excellence: Travis Baughman, Logan Clemens, Kyla Fox, Jennifer Leitch, Taylor Peters, Grace Rohrer, Opal Thomas

• Junior English Achievement: Taylor Birkhimer, Trysten Dilworth, Gavin Frank, Madisyn Fry, Case Hartman, Maxwell Kimpel, Jorja Miller, Jordan Riter, Jessica Robb, Laila Sanchez

• Senior English Excellence: Luke Conover, Logan Hanna, Ethan Khandaker, Eion Moor

Senior English Achievement: Keegan Brown, Zachariah Dye, Hannah Geren, Elizabeth Holbrook, Benjamin Kittle, Rayvin Oehler, Dean (Chris) Spangler, Jillian Spengler, Sara Stull

• Oral Communications Excellence: Addison Arnold, Aquilina Cordic, Lily Dixon, Blake Grube, Katrina Kellogg, Ethan Psurny, Lillian Schlade, Katherine Seaman, Talitha Slicker, Gweneth Spengler, Delilah Taylor, Haylee Wheeler, Allison Zimmerman

• Oral Communications Achievement: Mckenzie Adams, Jonathan Albertson, Conor Brown, Jaylin Damron, William Douglas, Matthew Johnson, Chase Kammeyer, Tara Morr, Alisyn Shaffer

• Contemporary Literature Excellence: Erika Grime

• Creative Writing Excellence: Liana Fisher

• Mythology Excellence: Katrina Kellogg

• Speed Learning & Study Skills Excellence: Bailey Anderson


• Algebra I Excellence: Mckenzie Adams, Michaela Blake, Malerri Fry, Madison Grisier, Blake Grube, Aliya Khandaker, Alivia Lovejoy, Breanna Reasor

• Algebra I Achievement: Samantha Doty, Sienna Edinger, Zachariah Schoonover, Alexandra Wisda, Jaiden Yates

• Geometry Excellence: Addison Arnold, Brianna Buchanan, Andrew Cogswell, Kayla Degroff, Lily Dixon, Johnathan Dorsten, James Fortner, Christopher Imm, Morgan Koenig, Alexis Kozumplik, Nolan Kuhn, Michael Ledyard, Ethan Psurny, Brooke Taylor, Delilah Taylor, Emma Woolace,

• Geometry Achievement: Dacey Bishop, Kyla Day Hemenway, Alyssia Foust, Jacinda Littin, Breanna Long, Karina McDougle, Dylan McElfresh, Colin Shirkey, Skye Swalley, Joshuah Taylor, Austin Tomaszewski, Michael Wolff

• Algebra II Excellence: Jeffrey Devlin, Abigail Fernihough, Opal Thomas, Maci Tinkel

• Algebra II Achievement: Katelyn Darrow, Trysten Dilworth, Madisyn Fry, Jennifer Leitch, Michaela Shell

• Advanced Math Excellence: Antonia Kraemer, Benjamin Roebuck

• Advanced Math Achievement: Jillian Spengler, Sara Stull

• Northwest State College Algebra & Trigonometry Excellence: Taylor Peters

• Northwest State College Algebra & Trigonometry Achievement: Hannah Geren, Reese Jackson

• Northwest State Statistics Excellence: McKenna Grube

• Northwest State Statistics Achievement: Zachariah Dye, Baylee Krupp

• Northwest State Calculus Excellence: Andrew Peters, Isaiah Taylor

• Northwest State Calculus Achievement: Hannah Psurny

Physical Education & Health

• Health Excellence: Mariah Blaising, Aquilina Cordic

• Physical Education Excellence: Broston Bernath, Brianna Buchanan, Sienna Edinger, Delilah Taylor, Joshuah Taylor

• Weights & Conditioning Excellence: Evan Brown, Malerri Fry, Andrew Knight, Gweneth Spengler


• Tenor/Bass Chorus Excellence: Nolan Medaugh

• Tenor/Bass Chorus Achievement: Emerson (Ara) Alyanakian

• Treble Chorus Excellence: Chloe Wyllie

• Treble Chorus Achievement: Emilee Bassett

• A Cappella Excellence: Jessica Wernsing

• A Cappella Achievement: Noah Beckwith

• Orchestra Excellence: Lily Dixon, Isaac Lamore, Curtlyn Anthony, Hope Snider

• Orchestra Achievement: Maxwell Eckhardt, Michaela Shell, Margaret Rettig, Sloane Brown

• Concert Band Excellence: James Fortner

• Concert Band Achievement: Emerson (Ara) Alyanakian

• Symphonic Band Excellence: Thibaut Woolace

• Symphonic Band Achievement: Lucas Will

Social Studies

• World History Excellence: Addison Arnold, Emilee Bassett, Lily Dixon, Morgan Koenig, Michael Ledyard, Jackson Miller, Ethan Psurny, Brooke Taylor, Delilah Taylor, Allison Zimmerman

• World History Achievement: Aliya Khandaker, Katie McClain, Michael Wolff

• Advanced Placement American History Excellence: Mackenzie Mackie

• American History Excellence: Jeffrey Devlin, Abigail Fernihough, Canon Lamberson, Maci Tinkel, Lucas Will

• American History Achievement: Dacey Bishop, Andrew Cogswell, Breven Deckrosh, Althea Fillman, Erica Frank, Alexis Kozumplik, Franchesca LaMantia, Shallyn Miley, Alanna Romes, Jessica Wernsing

• American Government Excellence: Travis Baughman, Erika Grime, Reese Jackson, Emma Meade, Nate Miller, Taylor Peters

• American Government Achievement: Connor Arthur, Taylor Birkhimer, Sydney Davis, Mikayla Ross, Opal Thomas

• Contemporary Issues Excellence: Katherine Pool, Austin Tomaszewski

• Street Law Excellence: Connor Shirkey

• Psychology Excellence: Katherine Grothaus

• Sociology Excellence: Evan Kaullen


• Physical Science Excellence: Preston Boroff, Kyla Day Hemenway, Madison Grisier, Aliya Khandaker, Ellyn Murphy, Talitha Slicker

• Physical Science Achievement: Aiden Fenter, Nicholas Herold, Craig Jackson, Travis Rosendaul, Zachariah Schoonover, Alexandra Wisda, Chloe Wyllie

• Honors Biology Excellence: Lily Dixon

• Honors Biology Achievement: Johnathan Dorsten, Abigail Fernihough, Morgan Koenig, Ethan Psurny, Katherine Seaman

• Biology Excellence: Conor Brown

• Biology Achievement: Bella Jackson, Olivia Moore, Kaitlyn Posey, Michael Wolff

• Anatomy & Physiology 1 Excellence: Taylor Peters

• Anatomy & Physiology 1 Achievement: Michaela Shell

• Anatomy & Physiology 2 Excellence: Isaiah Taylor

• Anatomy & Physiology 2 Achievement: Alison Dubois

• Robotics 1 Excellence: Anthony (Carter) Brown

• Robotics 1 Achievement: Logan Ellis Sobczak, Madison Grisier, Brent McDougle

• Robotics 2 Excellence: Evan Kaullen

• Robotics 2 Achievement: Mackenzie Mackie, Nash Patrick, Ariana Penny, Logan Psurny

• Forensics Excellence: Isabella Rigg, Michaela Shell, Madeline Whittaker

• Forensics Achievement: Taylor Birkhimer, Makenna Lane

• Medical Terminology Excellence: Brooks Brown, Paiten Price

• Medical Terminology Achievement: Heather Bleoo

• Nutrition Excellence: Erika Grime

• Nutrition Achievement: Dylan McElfresh

• Sports Science Excellence: Connor Arthur, Travis Baughman, Craig Jackson, Kabryn Myers, Thibaut Woolace

• Sports Science Achievement: Austin Dean, Chandler Jackson, Maxwell Kimpel, Titus Rohrer, Caleb Zuver

• Advanced Placement Biology Excellence: Travis Baughman, Taylor Peters, Audrey Zimmerman

• Advanced Placement Biology Achievement: Jeffrey Devlin

• General Physics Excellence: Noah Meyer, David Stemen

• General Physics Achievement: Zane Laurin, Anthony Malanga

• Advanced Placement Physics Excellence: Joseph Kimble, Antonia Kraemer

• Advanced Placement Physics Achievement: Zachary Pittman, Margaret Rettig

• General Chemistry Excellence: Isaac Lamore

• General Chemistry Achievement: Alexia Dietsch, Jillian Drinnon

• Advanced Placement Chemistry Excellence: Isaiah Taylor

• Advanced Placement Chemistry Achievement: Evan Kaullen, Hannah Psurny, Hope Snider, Thibaut Woolace

2018-19 Workforce Development: Brycen Andrews, Curtlyn Anthony, Kayla Arnold, Kalie Beagle, Jena Beucler, Luke Conover, Payton Cromwell, Katelyn Darrow, Sydney Davis, Olivia DeLeon, Alissa DeWitt, Alexia Dietsch, Zachariah Dye, Katelyn Farrell, Shayla Flynn, Hannah Geren, Katherine Grothaus, Elli Hageman, Caleb Hardy, Elizabeth Holbrook, Baylee Krupp, Kennedy Lamberson, Conner Lemons, Madison McNeal, Brittney O Neill, Rayvin Oehler, Andrew Peters, Zachary Pittman, Logan Psurny, Jessica Robb, Shellie Sands, Abby Snider, Dean (Chris) Spangler, Riley Stalter, Sara Stull, Opal Thomas, Xiao (Crystal) Xie, Brandon Yosick

2018-19 Student of Action Awards

• August and September, Creativity and Respect: Cadin Jaessing, Lauren Redhead, Abigail Fernihough, Katrina Kellogg

• October, Self-Control: Logan Psurny, Trace Stiltner, Brody Gonzales, Kerri (Lexi) Alspaugh

• November, Responsibility: Alexia Dietsch, Kennedy Lamberson, Reese Jackson, Keith Moniz Huard, Ethan Psurny

• December and January, Gratitude and Honesty: Hope Snider, Erika Grime, Dacey Bishop, Mckenzie Adams

• February, Hardworking: Zachariah Dye, Megan Voigt, Hannah Tressler, Madalyn Herman

• March, Forgiveness: Hannah Psurny, Madisyn Fry, Austin Tomaszewski, Michael Jones Jr.

• April, Flexibility: Rayvin Oehler, Cameron Starr, Dominick Blankenship, Jaiden Yates

Class of 2019 ACT 30+ Club: Kayla Arnold, Sloane Brown, Katherine Grothaus, McKenna Grube, Evan Kaullen, Andrew Knight, Andrew Peters, Zachary Pittman, Paiten Price, Isaiah Taylor, Rachel Webb, Thibaut Woolace

GPA-Based Awards — 3.7 or higher cumulative GPA

• ABC Academic All-Star Award, Class of 2022: Mckenzie Adams, Addison Arnold, Emilee Bassett, Trinity Beaverson, Jordan Beck, Mariah Blaising, Anthony Brown, Conor Brown, Brianna Buchanan, Aquilina Cordic, Cameron Davies, Katherine Davis, Kyla Day Hemenway, Mitchell Derks, Lily Dixon, Johnathan Dorsten, Aden Duman, Sienna Edinger, James Fortner, Brady Foth, Madison Grisier, Blake Grube, Nicholas Herold, Nathanael Hess, Bella Jackson, Craig Jackson, Katrina Kellogg, Aliya Khandaker, Morgan Koenig, Nolan Kuhn, Michael Ledyard, Jackson Miller, Lisa Moguel, Grace Mueller, Ellyn Murphy, Ashlynn Nichols, Noah Phillips, Ethan Psurny, Breanna Reasor, Katherine Seaman, Alisyn Shaffer, Colin Shirkey, Talitha Slicker, Colton Smith, Rachel Spiess, Mallorie Staup, Brooke Taylor, Delilah Taylor, Joshuah Taylor, Haylee Wheeler, Michael Wolff, Allison Zimmerman

• ABC Academic All Star Award, Class of 2021: Kloee Antigo, Gabriella Bany, Holden Cobb, Andrew Cogswell, Jadynn Cupp, Jeffrey Devlin, Jillian Drinnon, Abigail Fernihough, Alexis Firm, Hanna Gorzelanczyk, Julio Guerra, Christopher Imm, Franchesca LaMantia, Brooke Lamberson, Canon Lamberson, Isaac Lamore, Breanna Long, Karina McDougle, Shallyn Miley, Keith Moniz Huard, Olivia Moore, Addison Oberlin, Ariana Penny, Alanna Romes, Zachary Seaman, Michaela Shell, Maci Tinkel, Austin Tomaszewski, Alexandra Vreeland, Jessica Wernsing, Madeline Whittaker, Lucas Will, Emma Woolace

• ABC Academic All Star Award, Class of 2020: Preston Ankney, Travis Baughman, Angelina Bowman, Sarah Brightman, Brooks Brown, Riley Burdge, Logan Clemens, Katelyn Darrow, Sydney Davis, Alissa DeWitt, Alison Dubois, Caden Duff, Jeremy Durdel, Hannah Goodrich, Erika Grime, Megan Grimm, Case Hartman, Nathan James, Madison Johnson, Joseph Kimble, Maxwell Kimpel, Antonia Kraemer, Jennifer Leitch, Tyler Manon, Zackery Manon, Emma Meade, Noah Meyer, Kelly Miller, Nate Miller, Dakota Minck, Jessica Mueller, Kabryn Myers, Taylor Peters, Lauren Redhead, Brendan Reiser, Paola Resendiz, Margaret Rettig, Benjamin Roebuck, Shellie Sands, Riley Stalter, Keaton Stark, Opal Thomas, Makenna Turner, Alivea Valderas, Megan Voigt, Courtney Whetro, Audrey Zimmerman, Caleb Zuver

• ABC Academic All Star Award, Class of 2019: Kayla Arnold, Heather Bleoo, Sloane Brown, Rozlyn Day Hemenway, Olivia DeLeon, Alexia Dietsch, Katelyn Farrell, Katherine Grothaus, McKenna Grube, Tamrik Hall, Logan Hanna, Evan Kaullen, Ethan Khandaker, Andrew Knight, Baylee Krupp, Kennedy Lamberson, Conner Lemons, Alexis Morris, Autumn Owens, Andrew Peters, Zachary Pittman, Paiten Price, Hannah Psurny, Logan Psurny, Isabella Rigg, Carolyn Rychener, Connor Shirkey, Hope Snider, Jillian Spengler, Isaiah Taylor, Mikayla Vonseggern, Dazi Walz, Rachel Webb, Thibaut Woolace, Xiao (Crystal) Xie

• Presidential Award, Class of 2019: Brycen Andrews, Kayla Arnold, Heather Bleoo, Sloane Brown, Rozlyn Day Hemenway, Olivia DeLeon, Alexia Dietsch, Liana Fisher, Katherine Grothaus, McKenna Grube, Tamrik Hall, Logan Hanna, Matthew Herold, Evan Kaullen, Ethan Khandaker, Andrew Knight, Baylee Krupp, Kennedy Lamberson, Conner Lemons, Mackenzie Mackie, Sheridan Miller, Autumn Owens, Andrew Peters, Zachary Pittman, Alexander Potvin, Paiten Price, Hannah Psurny, Logan Psurny, Isabella Rigg, Alexander Rinck, Carolyn Rychener, Connor Shirkey, Hope Snider, Isaiah Taylor, Mikayla Vonseggern, Rachel Webb, Thibaut Woolace, Xiao (Crystal) Xie, Brandon Yosick

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