Colonial Manor Motel

The current owner of the troubled Colonial Manor Motel on East High Street in Bryan is in the middle of trying to sell the property, as requested by the city, to a potential out of state buyer. A purchase agreement has been signed with a closing date of Jan. 5, 2021.

Colonial Manor Motel representatives agreed to a continuance of a temporary restraining order against the business while a new hearing date was set for early next year.

The next hearing, which Bryan City Attorney Rhonda Fisher said will determine if the order becomes permanent, will be at 1 p.m. Jan. 25, 2021.

The continuance and new court date were set at a hearing on Thursday where John Shaffer, attorney for Colonial Manor Motel ownership, also dropped a request for temporary occupancy, saying it was “not feasible, not legally possible.”

On Aug. 31, the city filed an injunction with Williams County Common Pleas Court Judge JT Stelzer to temporarily shut down the motel, citing ongoing “criminality” that had resulted in more than 200 police calls to the address since May 2016 and 86 recorded violations with the Ohio Fire Marshal.

The current owner, Bhagavandas (“Bee”) Patel, is in the middle of selling the property to Shree Hari Ohio Hospitalities LLC. Previous reports state a purchase agreement has been signed with a closing date of Jan. 5, 2021.

The extension granted Thursday was to accommodate the purchase, which the city requested after seeking to shut down the motel this past summer due to ongoing drug and crime issues, including a stabbing death, over the past nearly five years.

Shaffer said after the meeting that he has looked into the buyers, he respects them and believes they will do a good job for the community.

After the hearing, Fisher said the city is pleased with how the matter is being handled.

“We appreciate the cooperation from the owners,” she said, adding it will benefit the city and all its citizens to have the motel back into “appropriate and habitable conditions.”

She thanked the Ohio Fire Marshal, the Bryan Police and Fire departments as well as retired police officer Cliff Weigle, who has been helping them all out.

While management can’t open the motel for business, Fisher said they are able to go in and clean up.

Shaffer said after the hearing that he appreciates the city’s cooperation, saying they both believe “the common good is our goal.”

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