Colonial Manor

The Colonial Manor Motel, at 924 E. High St., remains closed after the city filed a complaint alleging ongoing "criminality" and that the motel is a public nuisance. The owner has now agreed to clean up the property and seek to sell it to a new owner.

The hearing on an injunction filed against the owners of the Colonial Manor Motel by the city of Bryan — originally set for Friday — has been rescheduled to Nov. 19.

In the meantime, Bryan City Attorney Rhonda Fisher, working with John Shaffer, attorney for Colonial Manor Motel ownership, has filed for an extension of the temporary restraining order that keeps the motel closed.

Williams County Common Pleas Court Judge J.T. Stelzer is expected to rule on the extension by Monday. As part of the extension, the motel remains closed and current motel ownership has agreed to perform cleanup and maintenance and sell the property to a new owner.

Stelzer agreed to a temporary injunction to close the motel after the city filed for a temporary restraining order late last month in response to what Fisher termed ongoing “criminality” at the motel, at 924 E. High St. Fisher said Bryan police have responded to more than 200 calls to the address since May 2016, when the motel came under its current ownership. In addition, Bryan Fire Department has responded to more than 40 calls since 2016, and there have been 86 recorded violations in that time period by the Ohio Fire Marshal, Fisher said.

In comments to The Bryan Times earlier this month, Fisher also made reference to several high-profile incidents at the 51-room motel since 2016, including a man stabbed to death at the motel June 23, 2019.

Coincidentally, jury selection in the criminal trial for the alleged perpetrator, Ryan K. Dangerfield, is set for Monday and Tuesday morning in Williams County Common Pleas Court, with trial to begin as early as Tuesday afternoon.

Shaffer confirmed Friday that owner Bhagavandas (“Bee”) Patel has agreed to keep the motel closed while a Columbus-based commercial real estate agent markets the property. He said workers will begin on Monday to clean up the interior and exterior of the property, keep it mowed and perform electrical and security system upgrades in preparation for sale to a new owner.

“There’s a great spirit of cooperation between the owner and the city,” Shaffer said.

“The city wants to see (Patel) clean it up ... and have a valid sale (to a new owner),” Fisher said Friday.

The Blueberry Hill restaurant, which abuts the motel, remains open for business and Fisher said the restaurant is not included in the complaint against Patel. Restaurant owner Nikolas Vasilakis said while the motel owner also owns his building, his restaurant and the motel are entirely separate.

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