Aside from funding major community development projects, the Ohio Department of Development has offered counties across the state an opportunity to apply for smaller grants that are geared to smaller projects in multiple locations.

This year, the department has offered about $154,000, plus administrative costs, to Williams County to fund smaller projects, as presented by communities in the county. The competitive grants are part of the Community Development Allocation Program.

Earlier this week, Williams County Commissioners selected three projects to send to the state for application to the funding program — improvements in the Village of Edon ($33,152); firehouse improvements for Millcreek Township ($60,000); and, community improvements in Stryker ($60,848).

On May 23, Sandy Kessler from the Maumee Valley Planning Organization, which will be project manager for the local projects, presented the community plans for commissioners’ selection.

The Village of Edon requested funding for street improvements, citing that Union Street, from Indiana Street to Elm Street, is in need of resurfacing. There are cracks and many potholes that cause dangerous traveling conditions, Kessler told commissioners.

The project will consist of completely resurfacing the section of Union Street between Indiana and Elm. The grant, should it be approved by the state, would pay for 50 percent of the project’s costs.

The Alvordton-Millcreek Township Volunteer Fire Department is seeking funds to construct an addition to its current firehouse.

“The original firehouse was built in the 1920s and obviously has served the community well for a long time, and has basically outlived its usefulness,” Bob Short told commissioners, speaking as a member of the fire department. “It has gotten to the point where we cannot justify putting any more money into it.

“We do store a lot of equipment in the facility. The idea behind the project is to move that equipment to the new addition,” said Short. Following that, as a separate project, Short said the existing old building would be demolished with the township paying for that.

The Village of Stryker asked for funds for improvements to the American Legion Hall, which is used for community activities. Scope of the project includes replacing the existing roof and furnace.

The existing structure, Kessler told commissioners, was constructed in 1917, and the Legion has completed several renovations projects.

Applications for the grant program are due Friday, and Kessler said she expected notification, if approved, by late August or early September.

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