Bob Latta

Bob Latta

The congressman representing Williams County admonished President Donald Trump Wednesday, but said he could not support an impeachment effort.

U.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) representing Ohio’s Fifth Congressional District, said Trump bears at least some responsibility for the riot last week at the U.S. Capitol during a ceremonial counting of the electoral ballots to name Joe Biden president-elect.

“The president’s reprehensible rhetoric leading up to Jan. 6 and on that morning were a moral failure,” Latta said in a release Wednesday.

“There were many instances, one of which occurred during a speech on the National Mall before the mob broke into the Capitol, where the president again pressured Vice President (Mike) Pence to exceed his constitutional duty during the certification of the election. I condemned the violence when it took place, and again, reiterate that I strongly denounce and in no way condone the president’s language prior to the outbreak of mob violence.”

Latta said there should be some accountability, but he would have preferred a motion to censure Trump rather than impeachment.

“House Democrats have chosen to embark upon a historically unprecedented impeachment process, with only seven days remaining in the president’s term,” Latta said. “Today, the House of Representatives impeached a sitting president without calling witnesses, without committee consideration, and it all took place with only hours of debate.”

He added had a motion of censure been brought forth, he would “have strongly considered it to ensure accountability for the horrific events of last week.”

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