Williams County dropped to the fourth in the state for COVID-19 occurrence.

Last week, the county ranked second in the state in cases per capita, but this week, 90 cases between April 12-25 put the county at a rate of 245.3 per 100,000 people. This rate is behind only Cuyahoga at 247.4, Erie with 276 and Lucas at 318.9.

According to county data, there have been 3,331 total cases of COVID-19 in Williams County with 3,054 of those presumed to have recovered. Meanwhile, 173 people have been hospitalized and currently 74 are listed as having died from the disease.

During his weekly update, Gov. Mike DeWine said the state appears to have plateaued with new daily cases running below the 21-day average. Tuesday saw 1,560 new cases, behind the average of 1,832.

DeWine also announced changes to the state’s COVID-19 protocols.

One such change was that fully vaccinated Ohioans who come into contact with someone who has the virus will no longer need to quarantine.

“I know that, for example, high school students, athletes or students who are in extracurricular activities ... one of the things that has been very tough for them is if they were exposed outside of the classroom to someone, they had to quarantine,” DeWine said. “We’ve had students who missed big athletic events, might be missing a debate, might be missing some other extracurricular activity. We know that’s been very tough.”

Currently, people age 16 and older can get vaccinated, though he believes soon that threshold will be down to 12 years old.

Adults will also not need to quarantine, unless they live in a long-term care facility or nursing home.

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