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A new blog (http://u.osu.edu/williamsag/) from the OSU Extension Service provides current information to the Williams County agriculture community. FILE

Farmers in Williams County have a one-stop shop for information regarding everything from weather outlooks to new regulations, pest information and a wide range of other agriculture topics from a local source.

Developed in April by Williams County Ohio State University Extension, u.osu.edu/williamsag is offering farmers, or anyone else looking for ag-related info a wealth of localized information.

“Farmers have to make a lot of tough decisions every day, multiple times a day,” said Williams County OSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator Stephanie Karhoff. “However, if they can get information to aid those decisions, I think its in their best interest and everyone in the community as well.

“During any season farmers need information (in) real time to make decisions, but this season it’s amplified because of the weather and policy changes.”

The effort entails a blog updated several times a week and an optional emailing list that currently has generated 250 unique users visiting a total of 1,500 times.

“Right now, we’re trying to increase awareness and subscribers, the number of people who are using it,” said Karhoff.

The utility is multi-faceted.

“The idea of it is a one-stop shop for ag and natural resources news and events that effect Williams County and the surrounding area,” explained Karhoff. “For example, some of them posted and I’ve written myself, there’s posts about newly emerging corn diseases, things from land grant institutions, things about weed management, upcoming field days. It runs the gamut.”

Other articles currently featured center on Rep. Bob Latta’s upcoming visit to Goebel Farms on Wednesday, an article predicting of less rainfall through August and “Keeping an Eye Out for Tar Spots.”

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