Real estate transfers

Bryan City

1101 Bavarian Lane, Eric J. and Jessica L. Schimmoeller to Candy L. Jolly.

308 S. Cherry St., Kristie Jo Toney to Wayne and Kelly Rummel.

1010 Willmoore Circle, Boyer c/o Robin L. and David Diaz Jr., to Robin L. and David Diaz Jr.

527 S. Union St., Jack Romanoff Jr. to Ryan Berger and Michael D. Taylor.

127 Deerfield Circle, Gail A. Al-Khaleefa, trustee, to James L. and Christine R. Mackie.

312 S. Beech St., Nathan E. and Colette M. Boothman to John Mark and Victoria Wilson.

410 Newdale Drive, Gerry E. and Marjorie Meyer to Donald R. and Nelda N. Koralewski.

603 Short St., Larry and Connie Baughman to Stephen K. and Victoria A. Moore.

627 S. Cherry St., S Mohre Investments to Thomas A. Thompson.

730 S. Main St., Charles E. Sheperd to Sheperd c/o Leonard Berry.

Edgerton village

213 Stauffer Drive, Benjamin D. and Taylor J. Elder to Nolan C. and Katie J. Wright.

147 E. Indiana St., John T. VanAusdale Joseph M. Hesselschwardt.

Holiday City village

13402 Ohio 15, Rainbow Motel LLC to State Bank of Texas.

Montpelier village

125 Bungalow Court, Amerifirst Financial Corporation to Bradley E. Miller.

520 S. Jonesville St., Grass Root Properties LLC to Cheryl Sue Davidson.

654 Wood Drive, Cheryl L. Streicher to Eric J. and Jessica L. Schimmoeller.

223 Iuka Road, Bonnie J. Warner and Judith A. DeMuth to Dennis H. and Diane M. Heiney.

305 Snyder Ave., Jeanne K. Patten to Morghan E. Clark.

207 S. Jonesville St., Michael and Susan Kannel to Dykid Properties LLC.

520 Empire St., Pine River c/o Connie Nicolen and Debra Wells to Debra S. Wells and Connie S. Nicolen.

Stryker village

406 W. Lynn St., John Schnabele to Todd Replogle Properties LLC.

218 N. Depot St., Todd Replogle Properties LLC to Brandon S. Seiler.

308 Tyler Lane, Alaina K. Craven and Grant M. Barbour to Amber Palladino and Christian Greek.

West Unity village

103 E. North St., James Lee and Amy Beth Brown to Brandon Alexander Downs.

Bridgewater Township

344 Seneca Drive, Zackary D. Kidston and Kelsie D. Oyer to Taner S. Cooper.

144 Pontiac Trail, Courtney Glore to Richard Moore and Jailey Lawson.

Center Township

03904 County Road 10, Ernest M. and Melena A. Stiltner to Stiltner c/o Travis Bender and Adrienne Penoyer.

09359 County Road F, Charity R. Mott to Nickolas R. and Rebecca Kuehlem.

03650 Ohio 576, Kent A. and Jody A. Chamberlain to Douglas and Connie Morrison.

Florence Township

13408 County Road 6, Katherine L. Cook to Julie A. Stammen, trustee.

Jefferson Township

153 Dogwood Lane, Donna Sauder to Kassie and Jose I. Salazar III.

10854 Ohio 15, Garnet Riley to Allen Hale.

Madison Township

19020 County Road 13, Robison Family Farms LLC to David E. St. John and Andrew V. St. John.

14272 County Road P, Curtis J. Jones to Jason A. and Jennifer A. Marvin.

Millcreek Township

203 S. Pine Grove St., Mary J. Alvarez to Williams County Land Reutilization Corporation.

Northwest Township

144 Etolls Landing, Toledo Transformation LLC to Family G&C Investment LLC.

02540 County Road R, Nicholas Disbro to Trefle A. and Deidre K. Chantelois.

203 Hiawatha Trail, Stephen R. I. and Kathryn A. Grone to Raymond G. Tobin.

142 Etolls Landing, OPM Homes LLC to Suzanne M. Utter, trustee.

Pulaski Township

06883 U.S. 127, David W. Perkins to Barbara L. Teegarden.

Springfield Township

6718 County Road 19, David Frank and Michael Meyer to Trent Burnham.

Common pleas

Dissolution sought

Babette D. Burk, Montpelier, and Eric Burk, Auburn, Indiana, petition for dissolution of marriage filed April 18. Married Feb. 8, 2011, no minor children.

Dawn R. Murray, Edgerton, and Thomas Murray, Bryan, petition for dissolution of marriage filed April 23. Married Nov. 22, 1989, no minor children.

Mandy A. Downing and Travis A. Downing, both of Bryan, petition for dissolution of marriage field April 24. Married June 18, 2005, no minor children.

Barbara I. Roebuck and Joseph B. Roebuck, both of Bryan, petition for dissolution of marriage filed April 24. Married Aug. 21, 2013, no minor children.

Amanda Klempner and Johnathan D. Klempner, both of Edon, petition for dissolution of marriage filed April 25. Additional information was not immediately available.

Divorce sought

Russell Harmon, Fayette, vs. Pamela A. Harmon, West Unity, complaint in divorce filed April 18. Married May 25, 2016, no minor children.

Samantha J. Purk, Montpelier, vs. Craig A. Pratt, Auburn, Indiana, complaint in divorce filed April 23. Married Dec. 7, 2010, one minor child.

Foreclosure sought

American Advisors Group, Lansing, Michigan, has filed for foreclosure of the property at 222 Hollywood Blvd., Montpelier. Defendants are Elbert Pitsenbarger (deceased), et al. Amount owed is $29,222.33, plus interest.

PNC Bank National Association, Miamisburg, Ohio, has filed for foreclosure of the property at 740 Mill St., Montpelier. Defendants are Steven Brewer and Robin Brewer, both of Springs, Missouri, et al. Amount owed is $32,776.45, plus interest.

Money judgment sought

Alex J. Beck and Sara E. Beck, both of Montpelier, complaint in money judgment filed April 16, seeking $5,128.27, plus interest.

Dianne V. Baughan, Bryan, vs. Wallace S. Patterson II, Hudsonville, Michigan, et al., complaint in money judgment filed April 24, seeking an amount in excess of $25,000.

Money judgment granted

Autovest LLC, Southfield, Michigan, was granted judgment against Wayne Forrester, Kunkle, for payment of $7,515.53, plus interest.

Glass City Federal Credit Union, address unlisted, was granted judgment against Sandi Litzenberg, address unlisted, for payment of $21,413.88, plus interest.

Crown Asset Management LLC, Columbus, was granted judgment against Ryan Belton, Montpelier, for payment of $1,816.55, plus interest.

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