With COVID-19 continuing to spread across the county, including more than 160 new cases this week alone, knowing where to go to get tested, and when, can be important.

According to a statement from Parkview Physicians Group, diagnostic testing is most appropriate for people with active COVID-19 symptoms, such as cough, fever, shortness of breath and others. At Parkview, a provider must determine if someone meets testing criteria.

Someone who thinks they need to be tested should first contact their primary care provider. The statement says it is important to always call ahead for any special instructions, such as where to go if testing is recommended. Response may take longer than normal.

Contact can be made through downloading the MyChart app on a phone or tablet or by contacting the FirstCare Walk-In clinic at 419-633-5528. The Parkview Health Access Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-877-PPG-TODAY.

Testing turnaround varies on the type of test, the statement says. Point-of-care testing, also known as rapid or antigen testing, can be available within a few hours while other diagnostic tests are sent to an outside lab that could take a couple of days.

In an email, Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers President and CEO Chad Tinkel said community members with acute symptoms requiring emergency services can go to the emergency department in Bryan or Montpelier. The emergency room physician would then evaluate and decide what tests to order.

People can also contact their primary care physician.

The Bryan Community Health Center, 228 S. Main St., also offers COVID-19 testing. Those interested can call 419-549-8870, according to the website. The local center can also be reached at 567-239-4562.

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