Ryan Dangerfield



Ryan Dangerfield will wait a little longer for his day in court following a pretrial hearing Monday, the second such postponement for investigatory purposes.

The Williams County Prosecutor’s Office said it is waiting for further evidence to be analyzed by the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation. That information can then make its way to attorneys on both sides of the case. A final pretrial conference was set by Williams County Court of Common Pleas Judge JT Stelzer for 3 p.m. on Nov. 12.

Dangerfield stands accused in the stabbing death of 23-year-old Bryan resident Dylan Bible at Colonial Manor Motel on June 23. Bible was stabbed in the left rib cage, according to court documents. He was later pronounced dead at Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers-Bryan. Dangerfield was arrested in rural Reading, Michigan, two days later. He was extradited to Ohio for trial in mid-July.

His bond remains set at $2 million.

Dangerfield faces charges of two alternative counts of murder (for the same incident) and two alternative counts of second-degree felonious assault, as well as fourth-degree felony carrying a concealed weapon after having been convicted of domestic violence and first-degree felony engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity for which the prosecution cited a laundry list of previous charges and convictions including drug trafficking, aggravated possession of drugs, assault and aggravated robbery.

Photos on Dangerfield’s Facebook page and comments he made prior to a previous court proceeding indicate an association with American Outlaw Association, which has been described as a rival to the Hell’s Angels.

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