Hunters harvested 86 whitetail deer in Williams County between Saturday and Tuesday, down from the three-year average of 93, but the state said the overall gun hunting season was a success.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reported 9,708 deer were harvested state-wide, down from the three-year average of 12,695 during the same four-day period. In total, 102,672 deer were harvested with a gun, including muzzleloaders, during the 2020-21 gun hunting seasons with one month remaining for archery equipment.

“Deer hunters have taken advantage of Ohio’s abundant deer population and found success this year, and the muzzleloader season was no exception,” said ODNR Division of Wildlife Chief Kendra Wecker. “Hunting with a muzzleloader is rooted in history, while modern advances will satisfy even the most tech savvy hunters. We are pleased that so many Ohioans continue to enjoy this hunting season.”

Muzzleloaders accounted for 9% of deer taken (15,973 deer for all gun seasons). In Defiance County, hunters using muzzleloaders bagged 82 deer, down from the three-year average of 104. In Fulton County, they got 22 deer, down from 41, and in Henry County they got 23, down from 32.

Deer hunting occurs in all 88 counties and an estimated 310,000 hunters participated during Ohio’s deer-gun seasons. Ohio hunters have purchased 398,190 deer permits through Jan. 5.

Deer hunters are reminded to download the HuntFish OH mobile app, which allows them to check in their deer while in the field, even without a Wi-Fi connection. When a hunter checks game without a clear signal, harvest information is recorded and stored until the hunter moves to a location with better reception. Users can also purchase licenses and permits and view wildlife area maps through the app. HuntFish OH is free and available for Android and iOS users through the app store.

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