The Williams County Library branch on High St. in Bryan was the site of a break in this week.

According to Library Director Jeff Yahraus, the perpetrator or perpetrators likely broke into a window on the alleyway side of the building late Wednesday night and then proceeded to steal an iPad and $40 worth of cash.

The discovery was made as a maintenance employee came in for work Thursday morning.

“One of our laptops was open and connected to a Bluetooth device which had to be close by because it hadn’t disappeared,” said Yahraus. “Both the alley doors were open, but one of the panes of glass were broken. They must have heard him come in and took off”

“We don’t keep a whole lot,” he said. “It was strange as to why they didn’t take the laptop.”

Library staff are still surveying the building to ascertain whether or not anything else was stolen from the premises.

Yahraus explained that while unusual, it was not a first for the library.

“We were broken into last late summer,” said Yahraus telling tale of thieves shimmying up a drain pipe to reach the roof. “They caught the people that did that one, they came in stole things and ate all our snacks. It was four young kids...Then a year before that we were broken into”

For that reason, Yahraus said the library will be discussing installing security cameras at its next meeting.

When asked why he thought someone might break into a library, Yahraus responded: “Not a clue.”

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