Dan Griffin

The Edgerton Village Council accepted the resignation of Police Chief Dan Griffin Tuesday night after an executive session. He was reclassified as a patrol officer until his retirement day in September.

The Edgerton Village Council accepted the resignation of Police Chief Dan Griffin during its meeting Tuesday evening.

Griffin has served on the Edgerton Police Department since 1999, becoming sergeant in 2004 and then police chief in 2017.

His career started in 1992 and he said it’s time to retire.

The council accepted his immediate resignation as police chief and he was reclassified to patrol officer until his full retirement on Sept. 6, Labor Day, said Mayor Bob Day.

“He’s looking into retirement and I said, ‘Yeah, that works,’” he said. “He wanted to take some time and he’s going to do some checking on his end. We tried to work with him on giving him some time.”

Griffin has vacation time built up because he’s “been a trooper” working many on-call hours as they’ve been understaffed for several years, Day added.

So, he’s now on an extended vacation.

“We wanted to be fair and give him some time,” Day said.

Sgt. Matt Krill was appointed as interim police chief, performing administrative duties for three months.

The village will advertise for both the police chief position as well as a patrol officer.

“I just really appreciate his almost, I think it’s 20 years of service to Edgerton. What a great guy,” Day said. “He’ll be missed, but we wish him well.”

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