EDGERTON — The results of a rate study indicate the Village of Edgerton should consider raising its utility rates, though nothing has been officially decided, yet.

John Courtney, from the Findlay-based Courtney & Associates firm, gave the council a report on the Water, Sewer, Storm Rate Study during a meeting of the Edgerton Village Council on Tuesday evening, with an increase in the water and sewer rates recommended, according to Zach Dohner, Edgerton village administrator.

“They’re looking out to 2024, where they are looking at raising the water rates 3% each year just to keep up with inflation,” he said. “And just to make sure our revenue, cost of service, everything kind of levels out. Again these are recommendations, council has not made a motion or anything.”

The sewer rates will need to rise 3%, but not until 2023.

The revenues for 2021 “are really close” Dohner said, with the village breaking even in 2022.

“They recommend a 3% (increase), just trying to keep up with inflation. Everything goes up with time,” he said.

The water rates haven’t been adjusted since 2017 with sewer rates last adjusted in 2018.

Edgerton’s stormwater rates, however, haven’t been updated since 1989.

“The unique situation with this is (the rate) is $2 a month flat cost and then it’s 10% of the customer’s water bill,” Dohner said. “We’re going to try to restructure that.”

Moving forward, officials will look into a flat rate after seeing what happens the rest of the year.

While there will be an increase, Dohner said nothing has been decided.

Dohner said the council also directed him and Fiscal Officer Denise Knecht to restructure the town hall debt.

“Initially, we had about seven more years to pay on this building with an interest rate of 2.65%,” he said. “We’re going to be lowering that to 1.5% because it’s all in-house with the financial situation at the time where the electric department was essentially aiding in the payment of this building, when we were going into fiscal emergency.”

Payment would also be different, with a principal payment being made in June and two interest payments, one in June and one in December.

This will mean the village won’t be making as large payments at the end of the loan terms and will also free up money to budget elsewhere. The length will be the same.

In other business:

• Council heard an update from Edgerton Local Schools Superintendent Kermit Riehle.

• Williams County Sheriff Tom Kochert talked to the council about his approach to law enforcement.

• Council passed an ordinance for supplemental appropriations for solicitor fees.

• Dohner told council they are still awaiting quotes for SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) for monitoring the sewer system. He is also still working on reaching out to residents for the low-to-moderate income study, which could qualify the village for more funding avenues.

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