EDGERTON — Village of Edgerton officials are mulling over insurance options for their town hall.

The council, during its regular meeting Monday evening, discussed how much insurance coverage they wanted for the town hall but took no action in order to learn what the premiums would be for each option.

Andres, O’Neil and Lowe presented a 10,000-square-foot replacement building for approximately $2 million and a gymnasium replacement for approximately $1 million, said Denise Knecht, village fiscal officer.

“After doing the estimation of this building to reconstruct the size of what we have and where we are at would be $7 million,” she said.

Currently, the village doesn’t use the entirety of its existing town hall, a former school building, Knecht said. She said it was closer to the front quarter of the building.

Other parts of the building, such as the second floor, are not used for much other than storage.

“Right now we are underinsured,” said Mayor Lance Bowsher. “If a tornado were to wipe this entire building down, it would not be rebuilt the way it is, now.”

Village officials will discuss the premiums for a plan of rebuilding 10,000 square feet and for 100,000 square feet and come back to council.

In other business:

• Village Administrator Zach Dohner said the village got an extension on the Hull Street project grants, so the project will be rebid with construction tentatively scheduled for February. He also said the village is working on various drainage projects to help with water flow throughout the village. A resurfacing project for Business Alley West would likely score well on grant applications.

• Council was presented with the asset management plan on individual flash drives.

• Councilman Bob Day said he was planning on running for mayor. At the previous meeting, Bowsher announced he would not seek another term and Councilman Jason Gruver said he would seek the office.

• Entered executive session to discussion employment and compensation.

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