Edon Village Administrator Chad Ordway, left, spoke to the village council about a need to renovate the sewer plant during their meeting Monday evening. Pictured at right is Heidi Bidwell, village fiscal officer.

EDON — The Edon sewer plant has seen better days and a village project over the next few years will address the issues.

Edon Village Administrator Chad Ordway presented a report at Monday’s council meeting following an inspection of the plant’s tanks earlier this year.

“Basically, their recommendations estimate a cost of renovating the plant — replacing one tank completely and four tanks being renovated — he’s estimating around $840,000,” Ordway said. “With that price right there, I’m going to start investigating on replacement costs, so we have options.”

Councilman Lee Lawrence did say grant options exist and there’s even a possibility for loan forgiveness.

Ordway agreed there were many options for sewer plant replacements.

The project won’t be getting off the ground next year, he added, and it will likely be a two- or three-year project, but will need to be done.

“The one tank is pretty much gone, there’s only like 25% of the wall thickness left in it,” Ordway said.

The other tanks are fine in terms of thickness, but they will need to be sandblasted and recoated. In addition, plumbing and other aspects need complete replacement.

That is much of the cost, Ordway said.

“Some of the newer plants I’m looking into right now are fabricated cement walls instead of steel tanks, so they should last much longer,” he said. “We’re going to start investigating replacement so we have figures to compare to the renovation costs of it.”

In other business, Ordway said he handed out a copy of the 2022 village budget.

The budget itself was not up for a vote from council Monday, but Ordway said it was mostly finished.

“As the year closes out, there will be minor changes,” he said. “You’ll have an updated version before the next council meeting to review. Then we’ll do our final council meeting Dec. 30 for our year-end stuff and that’s when you’ll approve the final version of it.”

In other business, council:

• Went into executive session to discuss personnel and economic development with no action expected afterward.

• Heard a thank you note from Archbold Refuse Service for choosing them for the village’s trash collection.

• Approved the hire of a part-time police officer.

• Renewed the contract with Bish, Butler & Thompson Ltd. for legal representation. Solicitor Tom Thompson will provide basic legal services for $130 an hour, up from $120, which has been the price since the end of 2019.

• Approved an ordinance amending estimated resources and appropriations.

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