After issues came up with Bank of America, the Williams County Board of Elections has decided to switch to a different bank for its credit cards.

A.J. Nowaczyk, elections director, said the bank has been “quite a headache” over the last month in terms of billing statements and a late fee accrued last month.

Last week, he said the bank sent a letter asking the board to prove that it is a business or the card would be shut down on July 2.

On top of that, the customer service has been subpar.

“There was no budge at all,” Nowaczyk said, noting there was an honest mistake in the billing that meant the auditor didn’t pay the bill on time. “It caused a late fee; They refused to waive the late fee. We tried talking about how the due dates and our meetings don’t correspond so every month we’ll have a late fee. He wasn’t interested, didn’t care.”

The representative, he added, said Nowaczyk would be added as an authorized user, but wasn’t.

So, when he called and tried to get former director Heather Freese taken off the card, he wasn’t allowed because he was not an authorized user.

“Why aren’t we doing this with a local bank?” asked Jeff Erb, board member. “The nice thing about a local bank is if you have issues you can actually walk into the bank and straighten things out.”

Nowaczyk and deputy director Katrena Ebersole said they are considering other options and the board voted to allow Nowaczyk to sign up with a new bank.

Also at the meeting, the board:

• Heard the Williams County Commissioners had approved their request to give employees a 4 percent raise.

• Approved election petitions for Berdon “Bob” Short and Judith Yahraus. Because of an error in filling out the forms, only some of Don Schlosser’s petition was approved, but the pages still had enough signatures to get him on the ballot in November.

• Approved two days of Triad training for $1,205 apiece.

• Approved attending a legislation meeting in Richfield at an expense of $170 per person plus lodging and meals.

• Heard Nowaczyk and Ebersole were going to the Williams County Board of Developmental Disabilities to give a presentation and host their elections.

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