Father John's

The Father John’s restaurant, in the 300 block of West Butler Street, remains closed as owner John Trippy searches for a chef. The brewery, though, is operational and they are hosting garden events with beer and a food truck. The times aren’t set in stone and are announced on Facebook.

Beer is brewing, but they’re not quite cooking yet at Father John’s.

John Trippy, owner of Father John’s in Bryan, said the brewery is up and running and they are having occasional events in the garden.

“We’re just kind of playing around with some food trucks, at the moment,” he said. “We certainly have our feelers out for multiple chefs and right now help and chefs are the holding back factor.”

Finding help, Trippy said, is “interesting.”

“If we had everything set to go tomorrow, where do you find your servers and dishwashers and other workers? It’s an interesting time,” he said. “I’m hoping the next couple of three to six months this whole country will change.”

Once the extra $300 in unemployment stops being paid (in Ohio, that will be at the end of the month), Trippy said he hoped people will decide “to get back to work and get back to normal.”

Right now, he is actively looking for a chef but hasn’t really pushed too hard to find the rest of the staff and helpers.

“I haven’t put the word out because we really need to settle on that perfect chef, that’s the kingpin,” Trippy said. “We have a brewer now that’s doing great. I’m really proud of our brewery.”

This has allowed Father John’s to open up the outdoor garden area for beer with food provided by a food truck.

The hours, though, are dependent on the brewer and are not set in stone. Announcements are made on Father John’s Facebook page.

“The garden is absolutely gorgeous right now,” Trippy said. “(Events have) been absolutely wonderful. People are excited to be back and be in the garden. I think you don’t realize how wonderful things are until they’re gone. So, we’ve had people kind of have a reawakening and thinking, ‘Oh, this is wonderful.’”

The Third Rail

Trippy is still working on his next venture, the Third Rail.

The Third Rail is a collaboration between he and Jon Wheeler, who is acting as managing partner. The idea is to create a 19th century-style saloon at the old Bryan railroad depot.

The project is coming along well, but he didn’t want to give an opening date, although he said it was “very close.”

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