History buffs and entertainment seekers alike, keep an ear out for the roar of a bygone era.

The Roaring Twenties will make their comeback in northwest Ohio on Sept. 15 at 10 a.m. at Sauder Village, as the living historical village has completed phase one of its project to immortalize the decade.

The 1920s project is now officially part of the village’s “Walk Through Time Experience,” replicating a Main Street “typical to northwest Ohio” during that time period.

Grand Opening festivities will include special musical entertainment.

“We are very excited to open this first phase to the public,” said Debbie Sauder David, Sauder Village President and CEO. “We are deeply grateful for the hard work and generosity of the many people that brought this vision to reality.”

Construction work on the village’s expansion began in the fall of 2017. Work included infrastructure expansion, relocation of buildings and the construction of new buildings as well.

For example, a cornerstone of the Main Street project, the relocated Elmira Depot, has been renovated and is ready to serve as a stop on the Erie Express Train.

“The impact of the railroad on rural daily life was significant in the 1920s, bringing rural communities in contact with the world through travel, commerce and communication,” reads a release from Sauder. “The Elmira Depot was originally located just 2 miles north of Sauder Village along an extension of the Wabash Railroad.”

The new section will feature a plethora of antique fixtures, locations (barber shop, livery, bandstand, train station, etc.), furniture, equipment, decorations and devices, many of which have strong local and regional connections.

Opening festivities will also feature a ride down Main Street in an antique automobile, and a ride on the Erie Express Train.

The Bryan Area Foundation this spring contributed $25,000 to the project that expands the scope of Sauder’s “Walk Through Time Experience” by 30 years.

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