Gary Baker

Holiday City Village Administrator Gary Baker told the council the auto auction was interested in leasing some village property for vehicle storage. The council agreed to accept bids for the lease.

HOLIDAY CITY — The Holiday City Village Council approved a request for bids to lease some village property during its meeting Thursday evening.

Village Administrator Gary Baker brought the idea up to council, saying there is someone who wants to lease the property across from the auto auction and next to the village’s substation on County Road M.50.

“We’ve got to go through the bid process, we have to advertise it,” he said. “The guy who is interested is in conjunction with the auto auction. They want to use it to store cars.”

Baker said there has been interest in the property before, primarily from someone who wants to buy it.

The most recent inquiry into it, though, was about leasing the property, with Baker saying the conditions include a 90-day cancellation of the lease.

Village solicitor Cara Wall said they should put it out to bid and saw no reason they couldn’t list a minimum bid for it.

Separately, Baker said a contractor had been selected for a project on Selwyn Drive.

The project includes installation of a new tile and basin on the road east of 20/20 Custom Molded Plastic.

“They’re ready to go as soon as we get some decent weather where they can work,” Baker said.

In other business:

• Baker said the Montpelier Police Department, with whom they contract for police work, has set up their office at the village building.

• Wall said she was still working on some details for their planned housing project.

• Council passed two ordinances dealing with residential installation of solar power.

• Council passed another ordinance for the annual note for their substation.

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