EDON — Who wants the opportunity to pet a kangaroo and/or an alligator?

Based off response at the Edon branch of the Williams County Public Library, a lot of people do.

Branch manager Cynthia Jewel estimated Exotic Zoo, an educational wildlife program, brought in around 175 people Wednesday.

Javon Stacks, the owner of Exotic Zoo, showed off several different animals for the kids and adults, who got into it as much as the kids did.

Stacks showed them a ring-tailed lemur from Madagascar, who jumped onto several people’s shoulders, and an Eurasian eagle-owl who flapped her wings while standing on his gloved hands. The kids were allowed to pet a beaver and, later, an alligator while adults were able to a pet a kangaroo.

They also learned about and saw a lynx while Stacks also taught them all about the kinkajou, also called the honey bear, as she hung upside down from Stacks’ arm with a prehensile tail. Typically, the kinkajou is nocturnal, but he said he trained her to be active in the daytime.

Jewel said the library has hosted Exotic Zoo before and it’s always popular.

“He’s very educational and the kids get to see animals they never get to see up close and he’s very good with the animals and he watches out for their safety and, of course, the audience safety, as well,” she said. “We’ll definitely have him again.”

Stacks and Exotic Zoo have not quite completed their library tour of Williams County, yet. Tuesday he will be at the Stryker library at 11 a.m. and then the West Unity branch at 3 p.m.

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