Incumbent Pioneer Mayor Ed Kidston was re-elected in a tight race with challenger Al Kwader.

By a 15-vote margin in unofficial election night results, Kidston earned another term 243 to 228 over Kwader, a longtime village councilman.

Kidston has served a Pioneer mayor for the past 20 years. As president of Artesian of Pioneer, Kidston last summer announced a plan to drill into the Michindoh Aquifer and sell its water to entities outside the county, which sparked widespread opposition from Williams County residents and at least 18 governmental jurisdictions within the nine-county, three-state Michindoh boundary.

Officials from Perrysburg, Maumee, Sylvania, Whitehouse, Fulton County, Monroe County and the Northwest Water and Sewer District (NWWSD) had spent at least a year considering other options, including linking up with the city of Detroit, with the NWWSD or getting water from the Michindoh through AOP.

However, most of those entities have recently approved 40-year contracts to get their water through the Toledo water commission, and Kidston said recently that without his anticipated customers, he probably would not go forward with his plan.

Kwader, a member of the Williams County Alliance, a local residents group that has taken the lead in opposing AOP’s plan, said “the water issue,” was one of the reasons he decided to run against Kidston.

Neither Kidston nor Kwader responded to requests for comment Tuesday.

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