Dawn Fitzcharles

Edgerton Village Administrator Dawn Fitzcharles told the village council that, due to issues getting a needed part, the Laubach Drive project won’t be started until the spring.

EDGERTON — Edgerton initially started work on the Laubach Drive project in 2019, when the village received a grant for roughly half the cost of the project.

Now, it’s going to have to wait until spring to finally get done.

Vernon Nagel Inc., of Napoleon, was awarded the project in May after bidding $298,325. The initial completion date was expected for the middle of October, but that won’t be happening.

“Our pump station that’s needed to complete the project will not be in until very late in the year, which means they aren’t going to be able to start our Laubach Drive drainage project until the spring,” Village Administrator Dawn Fitzcharles said during a village council meeting Tuesday. “Positive news is our permits and our insurance are all through Norfolk Southern and we’ve been approved and still active in the spring.”

The project includes 1,400 feet of 18-inch storm sewer, 150 feet of 24-inch storm sewer, a storm water pump station, five catch basins and manhole covers, as well as 280 feet of 4-inch force main. The completion date is mid-October, weather dependent.

Separately, council approved a new compensation plan structure for village employees.

Clemans Nelson & Associates had done a wage compensation study that included wage comparisons for 14 communities, including Edgerton. From that study, they gathered a minimum, medium and maximum wage scale.

“It was Clemans Neslon’s recommendation that overall the village should consider raising the minimum range for four positions,” Fitzcharles said. “They were general laborer, police sergeant, part-time police officers and the utility clerk.”

Overall, wage increases across all jobs were a little over $4 an hour. The line worker needed $1.85 raise, another needed raised by just 84 cents while the part-time police officer will now be paid $16.85 an hour.

Fitzcharles said this wouldn’t be an issue with the budget.

The new wage structure will be implemented on Nov. 22.

Councilman Chuck Wallace wanted to say this was strictly a base pay increase and they could still get a raise above that, if they had a positive performance review.

“They’re still going to be eligible for a raise, also, this is just getting them up to where they should be,” he said.

The council passed the plan with a 5-0 vote. Councilman Dean Thiel was absent Tuesday.

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