Tim Livengood

Pioneer Police Chief Tim Livengood was selected as the Veterans of Foreign Wars District 1 and the State Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. He received his district award, pictured, on Sunday and a recognition ceremony will be in January for the state award. LUCAS BECHTOL/Staff

Pioneer Police Chief Tim Livengood has been selected as the Veterans of Foreign Wars law enforcement officer of the year for both the state and for Ohio District 1.

The news broke last week, when Livengood said he was on vacation and received the call about the district award.

“I was taken back by it,” Livengood said Monday. “I was pretty much speechless, which is kind of hard for anyone to believe.”

Nevertheless, he was honored, humbled and blessed to have received the award, he said.

“There are so many officers in the area that are certainly deserving of this very same award and could be chosen for it,” Livengood said. “It was an honor.”

He was presented with the award on Sunday morning at the Bryan VFW.

Livengood was unsure what the nomination process was or how he was selected.

“I had no idea I had even been nominated for the award,” Livengood said. “Then, just out of the blue I received a phone call from a post member of the Bryan post and they were just ecstatic because in no time in their affiliation with the post have they been able to offer a post award and then a district award and to the same officer at the same time.”

He was presented with the district award Sunday morning at the Bryan VFW.

The kicker came when he returned to the office on Monday morning, when he had a phone call from the state VFW office.

The call was to inform him he was selected as the state law enforcement officer of the year.

“Again, it was just another, truly huge honor,” Livengood said. “I’m very thankful for my mom and dad who were an inspiration.”

He lost his mother in 1987 to diabetes and his father was a reserve officer for the Bryan Police Department for more than 30 years and served as an inspiration to him at an early age.

He went into the U.S. Army, serving in the military police corps. from 1987-2004.

“Having contact with those supervisors and first line supervision throughout my years in the service also played into the person or the officer that they say I have become,” Livengood said. “On top of that, my children were present yesterday, all of them could not be there, but my children and wife offered support. ... They’ve been completely understanding and supportive along the way.

“I certainly appreciate those who made that nomination,” he continued.

It has all been overwhelming for him, Livengood said.

While he has the district award displayed on his desk in Pioneer, he will be presented with the state award during the VFW mid-winter conference, which will be held in Columbus from Jan. 16-18.

“It’s not just a job to me,” Livengood said of policing. “It’s a passion, it’s what I enjoy doing. I’ve enjoyed doing it for over 30 years now, collectively between the military and civilian law enforcement. It’s been a blessing along the way. Certainly, it has its ups and downs, but, wow, what an honor.”

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