Local authorities

complete crisis training

Eleven law enforcement and probation officers completed a weeklong Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training last month that was sponsored by the Four County ADAMhs (Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services) Board and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health) Four County.

Participants and instructors included Justin McCall, chaplain of the Montpelier Police Department; Probation Officer Kelly Tietje, Bryan Municipal Court; Randy Luke and Kim Shaffer, Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers security officers; David Riker, superintendent of the Northwest Ohio Juvenile Detention, Training and Rehabilitation Center; Bethany Shirkey, instructor, from the ADAMhs Board; and Drena Teague, CIT coordinator.

Bryan, Montpelier utilities honored at conference

The city of Bryan and village of Montpelier were honored for their achievements during the past year at the 2019 American Municipal Power (AMP)/Ohio Municipal Electric Association (OMEA) Annual Conference.

According to a news release from AMP:

Bryan Municipal Utilities received Safety Awards in the categories of Generation, and Transmission and Distribution, in recognition for having no time loss due to reportable accidents or injuries.

Montpelier Municipal Utilities received a System Improvement Honorable Mention in recognition of the Cherry Street/Wabash Avenue Backlot OH to URD project, “which led to increased reliability, provided a stronger, safer system and added a loop to an otherwise radial system in an aesthetically pleasing way.”

Montpelier Municipal Utilities also received an Electric System Sustainability Honorable Mention in recognition of the Fluorescent to LED Conversion project, which resulted in the upgrade of all municipal building lights to LED fixtures, and a Safety Award in the Transmission and Distribution category in recognition of no time lost due to reportable accidents or injuries.

The annual AMP/OMEA Conference was held in Columbus Sept. 23–25, and was attended by more than 375 municipal officials and industry representatives, with speakers from various national organizations.

—By Times staff

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