Adaleyna Gorsuch, 4, jumps into East End Pool on Tuesday afternoon. She was one of dozens of people who chose to cool off by going to the pool Tuesday, when temperatures reached a high of 96 degrees. Temperatures the rest of the week are expected to range from 90 today to 93 on Saturday.

While a heat wave is creating record high temperatures in areas of the country, Williams County’s heat spell won’t be quite that high.

The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for Tuesday with a high of 96 degrees, with the temperature forecast to reach 90 today.

“I would not call it a heat wave, I would call it a heat spell, if anything, and it’s going to be a lot less oppressive than last week,” said Jim Andersen, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service. “Last week we were looking at heat indices above 100 degrees.”

This week, heat indices were expected to be in the 90s, sending many in Bryan to the pool to cool off Tuesday. But even then Andersen didn’t expect it to last, with temperatures getting into the 60s by tonight.

Highs throughout the rest of week are expected to range from 87 on Thursday to 93 on Saturday.

CNN is reporting that this week, about 70% of the U.S. population will see temperatures in the 90s, and almost 20% of people in the country will experience temperatures greater than 100 degrees.

“More than 100 high temperature records could be broken this week, mainly across the southern and eastern regions of the US,” CNN reported late Tuesday.

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