Two organizations in Williams County have received their annual funds from the Victims of Crime Act and State Victim Assistance Act, according to a release from attorney General Mike DeWine’s office.

Williams County recipients include Sarah’s Friends in Bryan, which received $53,538 and Williams County Victim’s Assistance, which received $112,563.

“These grants will help provide comprehensive care and critical services for victims of crime,” Attorney General DeWine said. “The funding will support and expand existing programs throughout Ohio and allow new, innovative programs to develop. This year, we placed a special emphasis on providing funding for programs that help Ohio’s youngest and most vulnerable – child victims.”

Katie Cramer, Executive Director of Sarah’s Friends, spoke about what the annual funds mean to the organization, which currently is aiding about 94 individuals and families in the area.

“It helps support our program almost fully,” said Cramer. “If we didn’t have it, our programs will suffer...They cover almost fully the emergency financial assistance program we offer.”

The funds are also put towards utility and operations costs, and are especially welcome this year, as she explained.

“This has been the busiest year we’ve had,” she said. “Our plan is to keep growing out into the outer areas of Williams County and we have lots of community plans for next year as well. The more people you’re reaching, the more funds you need.”

Jacque Harris, RA at Victim’s Assistance of Williams County expressed a similar sentiment.

“It’s the basis of our existence,” explained Harris, indicating that it covers 80 percent of salary costs and that the Williams County Prosecutor’s Office matches that number at 20 percent.

A portion of the funding also goes toward supplies and training, she said..

According to the release from DeWine’s Office, an estimated $28 million of the $118 million total will go toward providing services to domestic violence victims, an estimated $25 million will go toward services for victims of sexual assault or human trafficking, and about $29 million will go toward programs that serve child victims.

Funding also will go to programs that serve victims with disabilities, elderly victims, and other victims of crime.

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