Brad Louys has his wife to thank for his victory over Scott Noble for the second Pulaski Township trustee position following a recount on Monday.

The Williams County Board of Elections held a hand recount of the ballots on Monday afternoon after an election night tie and a final tally of provisional votes putting Louys one vote ahead of his closest rival, 135 to Noble’s 134.

Louys and Noble each received one early voting provisional ballot, with the tie breaker being the single Election Day provisional ballot.

Elections Director Evan Raub said that ballot was cast by Louys’ wife.

“That was the joke they made when they dropped off their marriage license, ‘This is the election-winning vote,’” Raub said. “And he was, in fact, correct.”

Because Louys’ victory was less than a single percentage point after the provisional ballots were counted, the board performed a full recount Monday.

The board split up into two groups, both made up of one Republican and one Democrat member to hand recount the votes. Afterward, Raub and Assistant Elections Director A.J. Nowaczyk scanned in the votes, making it official.

In a first for Nowaczyk — who was hired as elections director in 2019 — no issues were had with the recount.

“This is the first election I’ve had that everything is balanced, first try on everything,” he said.

Tom Saul also won a seat as Pulaski Township trustee, having earned 225 votes. James Epling also ran, receiving 105 votes.

A total of 599 votes were cast with 171 undervotes, meaning they either didn’t cast a vote or didn’t vote for two people in the position.

Nowaczyk and Raub will do an audit of the election this week with a meeting of the board set for Monday, Nov. 29, at 4 p.m. At that meeting, the board will certify the audit.

“And then this election can officially be behind us,” Nowaczyk said.

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