The Montpelier Village Council approved a resolution for design upgrades to the Randolph Street pump station during its meeting Monday night.

The meeting was held via telephone conference to keep in line with social gathering and social distancing recommendations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The resolution was for design work on the Randolph Street lift station upgrades, which will take all the sanitary sewage from the south side of the railroad tracks and push it out to the wastewater treatment plant.

The work, according to Village Administrator Jason Rockey, involves technical parts of the project, such as electronics and pump upgrade.

Poggemeyer Design Group submitted the lowest bid, coming in at under $50,000.

“We need this contract in order to go out for bid, in order to complete the big packet,” Rockey said.

The village received $175,000 in grant funding from the Ohio Public Works Council, which is expected to be released on July 1. The total project will cost around $440,000.

Rockey said the village had been awarded the grant and had no indication that the money won’t be released due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, the village will have no obligation to go through with the project if those funds do not come in.

If that happens, he excepted the state would delay awarding the grant until next year. In that case, this design work will be done and ready for bid next year.

The construction aspect of the project is expected to go out to bid in late April or early May and be ready to start when funds become available in the beginning of July.

The resolution passed with a 6-0 vote.

The village’s public service chiefs also updated the council on their precautions during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We’re going by guidelines from the health department, who are the experts in this situations, and guidelines from EMS, also,” Montpelier Fire Chief Dail Fritsch said. “Clean, clean, clean equipment is our motto.”

Police Chief Dan McGee said his department was also taking extra precautions, such as not automatically responding to certain calls they don’t have to, such as lift assistances and medic calls. They will respond if the medics request it.

“We are also being a little more analytical, I guess, about some of these other calls,” he said. “If we can handle them over the phone, we’re going to handle them over the phone instead of going inside people’s homes.”

McGee said a list of available community resources is available on the department’s Facebook page.

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