Kevin Motter

Montpelier Village Council member Kevin Motter poses beside one of the granite chevrons in the Williams County Veterans Memorial at the county fairgrounds.

In light of the events of Jan. 6, when supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol Building, Montpelier Village Councilman Kevin Motter decided to speak up about who is a “patriot.”

Motter, who is commander of the American Legion Post 107 and a U.S. Army veteran, made his comments during a meeting of the Montpelier Village Council, which was held on Zoom Monday evening.

“The term ‘patriot’ is thrown around quite a bit by radio talk show hosts to self-proclaimed groups who believe they are on the side of freedom,” Motter said. “I know many who I would consider patriots, who may not be who you would think I would say is a patriot.”

One isn’t a patriot just because they wrap themselves in a flag and, no, serving in the armed forces isn’t a prerequisite, nor is attending Sunday church services.

A patriot does, however, honor the sacrifices of those who did serve in the military and respects the teachings of the church, he said.

“(He) attempts to pass on to his children the basic principles of common decency and kindness to his fellow man while respecting the faith of others,” Motter continued. “A patriot performs the civic duties of voting and, when called upon, jury duty. A patriot goes to work to support his family, pays his debts and, if he has a few cents left over after taxes, donates to charity.”

A patriot knows no one political party has all the answers and will civilly discuss the issues at hand and work toward the betterment of a community.

A patriot stands for the national anthem, and removes his hat, Motter said.

“A patriot is self-thinking, not swayed by any one person or source of information but relies upon multiple sources and the counsel of those he trusts before coming to a conclusion,” he said. “That’s just a few things I consider traits of a true patriot. I’m proud of all the members of this council, because I consider every one of you a true patriot.”

Mayor Steve Yagelski told Motter his comments were “well put.”

“We’ve got a lot on our plates as residents and citizens of the United States, we just have to trust God that we go down the righteous path and continue putting one positive foot in front of the other,” he added.

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