The Montpelier Village Council discussed residential flooding issues that occurred after the heavy rains this weekend.

Jason Rockey, village manager, said the council considered the topic after a resident whose basement flooded asked for the village to look into a mitigation plan.

Rockey said most of the problems occur north of Main Street and west of River Street (the Williams County Fairgrounds).

That area of town has a vacuum sanitary sewer system, which means water pools in pits until a vacuum is activated and the water is eventually pumped to the wastewater treatment plant.

“What happens is, during heavy rain events that system takes on more water than it can handle because there are customers who, either knowingly or unknowingly, are allowing rainwater to get into that system,” he said. “Their sump pumps are tied into their sanitary sewer, maybe their downspouts are tied in and that water ends up in the sanitary sewer system and that vacuum system gets overwhelmed.”

The village is asking residents in that area to check their sump pumps to make sure they aren’t connected to the sanitary sewer line.

Rockey said downspouts should also be checked to make sure they are dumping onto the ground and not to an underground tile, which could be going into the sanitary sewer system.

“If they know that that tile is tied into the storm system, then that’s fine,” he said. “If they’re unsure where that tile goes, let those downspouts dump onto the ground as opposed to taking the chance that it’s going into the sewer system because it’s affecting customers at the end of the line.”

If anyone has a question, they can contact the village at 419-485-5543.

While Rockey said it is actually against the village’s ordinances to put storm water into the sanitary sewer, the village isn’t looking to fine or punish anyone.

“We just need people to comply,” he said. “If they’re unsure where their sump pump tile might go, where their downspouts go, our village crew can help people out with that and can suggest how to take care of it.”

If at all possible, village crews will help remedy the situation and get stormwater into the stormwater system, Rockey said.

The council also awarded the 2020 street reconstruction project to Geddis Paving and Excavating for $259,316.25.

“We’re going to redo a portion of Wood Drive,” Rockey said. “That will include curb and gutter, street resurfacing. The whole road will come out and we’ll put down a new base. It’ll get a new curb and gutter, a new storm drain and new asphalt.”

Part of the money came from the permissive tax fund while the rest will come from the village’s budget.

Also at the meeting, council:

• Approved the 2020 Jefferson Township fire contract for $35,914.65. Rockey said the village has contracts for fire protection for Jefferson and Superior townships and part of Bridgewater Township. Jefferson is the first to get the contract back to the village.

• Approved committees, commissions and board.

• Appointed Dan Willis as 2020 council president.

• Amended appropriations to carry forward any money needed for projects approved in 2019 but not completed.

• Adopted the Williams County Hazard Mitigation Plan.

• Held an executive session to discuss acquisition of property and pending litigation with no action taken after.

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