The Montpelier Village Council voted to enter into a cooperative agreement with Williams County for an Ohio Public Works Commission grant to repave a section of Brown Road that is half village and half county road. Pictured, from left, are council members Melissa Ewers, Don Schlosser, Nathan Thompson and Village Manager Jason Rockey.

MONTPELIER — The Montpelier Village Council entered into an agreement with Williams County on Monday for a joint venture on road work.

The agreement is for an Ohio Public Works Commission grant of up to $325,000.

Village Manager Jason Rockey said the council had previously authorized him to apply for a grant to widen Brown Road around the area of the school.

“The application process is a little different because we’re cooperating with Williams County and the county engineer on the project,” he said. “The north half of the road is village road, the south half of the road is county road, so it’s a cooperative application.”

Montpelier will be the lead on the application, but both sides felt it appropriate to officially enter into a cooperative agreement stating they both have a stake in the project.

Councilwoman Melissa Ewers asked if the funding would be split 50-50, but Rockey said that might not be the case.

“We would be responsible for the portion of the project that is in the village,” Rockey said. “If, at a later date, the county decides they want to go ahead and pave all the way out to State Route 15, that doesn’t affect the village’s commitment to the project.”

The village’s cost shouldn’t exceed $100,000, he added.

The council voted unanimously to approve the application.

In other business:

• Ewers said a dedication for the solar field will be on Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to noon, though people are meeting at village hall at approximately 9:30 a.m. for a bike ride to the field.

• Councilman Chris Kannel said the economic development and strategy committee met and discussed renewing the Efficiency Smart contract for just business and industry but later decided to not renew it immediately, as the energy load will be taking a severe hit from the loss of Rassini Chassis, which will begin shuttering production in early October. They can reevaluate and enter into a contract with them at a later date, if financially feasible.

• Heather Freese, Democratic candidate for Williams County commissioner, spoke about her candidacy and also inquired about painting a thin blue line one of the streets, similar to what Pioneer did Monday (see related story starting on Page A1). The proposed road is a state road, Rockey said, so permission for that would need to go through the Ohio Department of Transportation. Several council members were in favor of the idea, however, with Councilman Nate Thompson suggesting possibly doing it for the National Night Out event planned for October.

• Citizen Roy Rozell came to the meeting, requesting help in finding the cause and solution to algae buildup in a pond within the community he owns with two other property owners. The council decided to look into the situation and get back to him.

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