Montpelier police investigate reports of vandalism

This surveillance image shows the vehicle suspected to be involved in a series of vandalisms via pellet gun committed last weekend in Montpelier.

Montpelier police are looking for a white Chrysler 300 in connection to multiple complaints of vandalism within the village last weekend, all involving someone with a pellet gun shooting at residential windows.

Police Chief Dan McGee confirmed his department has received six complaints so far with property damage totaling thousands of dollars.

“We fielded multiple reports over the weekend with damage due to windows being shot with what we believe to be a pellet gun,” McGee said. “It happened in various parts of town and we believed all are linked.

“There was certainly intent to cause damage and we believe damage to be in the thousands of dollars,” McGee said. “It appears they had an intended target somewhere, but most of the damage appears to have been random. Six households reported damage over the weekend. Some noticed it right away and some did not.

Carlton Rockwood Jr., who lives near the Montpelier library, was home when four of his windows were hit and he captured images of the suspect’s vehicle, which he gave to police and posted on Facebook and YouTube.

“We concur it was a white Chrysler 300 and the driver is a person of interest,” McGee said. “We’re actively investigating it and we’d love to have the public help us out.”

Anyone with information can call Montpelier Police Department at 419-485-3121.

“Shooting randomly into houses is dangerous and stupid,” McGee said. “A lot of people could have been hurt. I have no clue how anyone could think that it’s OK to do that.”

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