Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Treasurer Carla Rice addresses the board of education during Tuesday’s meeting. LUCAS BECHTOL/Staff

MONTPELIER — The Montpelier Exempted Village School district will be receiving $200,000 from the state for children’s wellness.

Carla Rice, district treasurer, said she learned about the money from a summer budget update meeting in July.

“We found out that districts will be receiving additional funding in the form of student wellness and success funds,” she said. “These funds are to be used for medical health services, expanding student services like after-school tutoring, just anything that affects the student’s performance that’s related to outside.”

The district is estimated to receive just over $200,000 for fiscal year 2020 with a slight increase in fiscal year 2021.

This money, which Rice said would be kept in a separate fund code, could be used for the salaries of the social worker the district has on staff and the school health aid.

“That should take care of about half that funding. Beyond that the principals are working on a plan on how to spend the rest of that,” she said. “They have some ideas in play.”

Thursday, Rice will attend a budget update meeting in Columbus where she hoped to receive more information, she said.

In other business:

• Rice said the district ended the year with no deficit, finishing it with a $6.3 million cash balance in the coffers.

• Rice said she would work on the five-year forecast and will present it at the next board meeting, along with permanent appropriation for the next school year.

• The board entered a closed, executive session to discuss employment of staff.

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