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Bryan police are investigating a theft complaint at the branch office of A Renewed Mind, located at 1254 S. Main St., in Bryan. Police in Napoleon and Wauseon also are investigating thefts at A Renewed Mind offices in those towns.

Local law enforcement agencies in Williams, Henry and Fulton counties are investigating reports of theft from the offices of A Renewed Mind, a regional non-profit social services agency.

Bryan police at 2:58 p.m.on Wednesday responded to a theft complaint at the branch office of A Renewed Mind, located at 1254 S. Main St., in Bryan.

“There appears to have been ... theft ... at multiple locations,” Bryan Police Captain Tony Plotts told The Bryan Times Thursday. “Each agency is leading its own investigation.”

Wauseon Police Lieutenant Will Rogers confirmed his office got a similar report. “A theft occurred at the Wauseon branch (138 N. Fulton St.) and it’s under investigation,” he told The Bryan Times on Thursday morning. “At this point and time we don’t have much more than that. We hope to wrap it up within the next couple days.”

Napoleon Police Chief David J. Mack, also got a complaint from the branch office at 1895 Oakwood Drive. “It’s under investigation right now,” he said mid-day Thursday. “Multiple thefts, multiple areas. My detective’s are out on it right now, looking at all the links.”

The Defiance Police Department also confirmed they are aware of the allegations in other jurisdictions but said the Defiance office of A Renewed Mind is not involved. “Absolutely correct, we have the report but it doesn’t involve the Defiance branch (at 201 E. Second St.) or anyone within our jurisdiction,” a Defiance police lieutenant there said.

Matt Rizzo, President and Chief Executive Officer of A Renewed Mind, told The Bryan Times Friday that as soon as the alleged thefts were discovered, they was turned over to local law enforcement authorities. He also said A Renewed Mind “did a thorough in-house investigation” and that the suspect or suspects are not staff or employee(s) of A Renewed Mind.

“Because it’s an ongoing investigation, that’s all I can say now,” Rizzo said.

Linda McDonald, Williams County Drug Court Coordinator, said A Renewed Mind has been a good partner. “They’ve always been very good to us here, an active participant since the beginning,” she said. “On our advisory board and treatment team since we started in 2015. If any of our participants needs something, I call a counselor and they get on it right way. We’ve never had any issues.

“I think a lot of them,” McDonald said. “They’ve been very good to us, very supportive.”

A Renewed Mind, with executive offices in Perrysburg, provides mental health, addiction recovery, substance abuse and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder services to residents in the Four County region — Fulton, Williams, Henry, and Defiance counties — plus Lucas, Wood and Hancock counties.

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