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Names were purged from voter rolls statewide Sept. 6 and local results of the contested, but ultimately successful, effort were recently announced.

According to Williams County Board of Elections officials, 732 names were removed from the county’s list of registered voters. A party breakdown was not readily available.

The purge brings the total of registered voters in the county to 24,092, including 8,484 Republicans, 2,253 Democrats, 20 Green Party members and 13,335 with no designated party affiliation.

Initially, the board had reached out to 842 voters who had been inactive for six or more years, sending out several mailings to alert them they were under threat of being eliminated. Of those, 842,110 responded by the Sept. 6 deadline to keep their registration intact.

County boards were initially advised to hold off on the purge on the morning of Sept. 6, due to a looming lawsuit from the Ohio Democratic party, but U.S. District Court Judge James Graham blocked the suit, citing its likelihood of failing, and the purge moved along as scheduled that same day.

The lawsuit stemmed from a Columbus Dispatch report that a vendor working with county election boards had mistakenly flagged 1,600 names to be purged.

Voters who have been removed from voter rolls can re-register by visiting their board of elections office and picking up a registration card or by going online to voteohio.gov. The Williams County office is located at the East Annex building, 1425 E. High St., in Bryan.

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