Bridgett M. Nash

ANGOLA, INDIANA — OnStar was a bigger player in Sunday’s car-theft arrest and vehicle recovery than anybody outside law enforcement suspected.

“It’s a fantastic option,” Steuben County Sheriff Rodney L. Robinson said in a phone interview with The Bryan Times Tuesday morning. “It’s not the first time we’ve used it. We had a care-and-concern call for a driver with mental issues coming down out of Michigan on (Interstate) 69 once and OnStar did an automatic shut down for us mid-county before anybody got hurt.”

The same thing happened Sunday morning when a resident in Scott Township east of Angola reported someone had just stolen their 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe from a detached garage. Deputies found the vehicle had been equipped with an OnStar button so they called the company again.

OnStar reps tracked the vehicle via its onboard Global Positioning System and found it traveling west on Orland Road, near County Road 225, near Lake James.

“They gave us location, distance and direction and our deputies ID’d the vehicle,” Robinson said. “We put a soft tail on it, way back so they couldn’t be seen, and set up a perimeter. As soon as she pulled up to a residence they hit the auto shut off. She went up to the door but nobody was home and by the time she got back to the vehicle we were in the drive way.”

The driver, Bridgett M. Nash, 45, of Barryton, Michigan, was arrested and charged with felony motor vehicle theft. She remains in custody at the Steuben County Jail.

The vehicle was seized, processed and returned to the owner without damage.

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