PIONEER — The Pioneer Village Council approved the annexation of property by the industrial park and OK’d a rodeo event as part of the annual Kaleb McLaughlin Memorial Ride.

The 159.714-acre annexation consists of two parcels owned by Kidston Consultants Ltd. — which is owned by Pioneer Mayor Ed Kidston — and one parcel owned by Evers Farms, and was submitted by the agent for the petitioners, Michelle L. Kranz, with Zoll & Kranz, LLC.

The land will extend the Pioneer North Industrial Park, which is east of Ohio 15, bounded just south of Core Way Drive and north of Kexon Drive, and currently includes Toledo Tool and Die and Universal Industrial Products.

Tuesday night was the last part of the annexation process and Kidston recused himself and left the meeting for this part of the discussion and vote.

Megan Hausch, executive director of the Williams County Economic Development Corporation, said council action Tuesday was the “last piece of the puzzle” for the annexation process.

The annexation passed through a formal resolution that was approved by a 5-0 vote. Councilman Al Kwader abstained.

Despite the annexation being finished, Hausch said there were a few more items they need to take care of to make the property as ready as possible for a business to come in.

“The followup step is the E-Z boundary petition, the enterprise zone boundary petition,” she said. “With any future development, in order for them to get a tax abatement incentive, we have to have the E-Z boundaries in place.”

WEDCO will do a lot of the legwork behind it, Hausch said, such as going to the schools to approve it. The village will need to pass a resolution in favor of it.

That paperwork will be compiled and filed with the state.

“When that’s all wrapped up, if we do have someone, a business, interested in the park, we’d be able to offer those incentives,” she said.

Some paperwork is still needed, but should be finished by next week for the council. A special meeting was set for Wednesday, April 21, at 7 p.m. to approve the next step in the process.

In other action, Kim and Kevin Oxender attended the meeting to say they wanted to bring a rodeo to their annual Kaleb McLaughlin Ride to Remember and Organ Donation Awareness Day, scheduled for July 10.

The ProEdge Rodeo is based in Osseo, Michigan, but Kim said they have started taking it on the road.

“We would like them to come to Kaleb’s event, back at the school, the old track area,” she said.

Kevin said they average 300-500 people a week at the bull rides in Michigan.

The organization is faith-based and doesn’t attract the riffraff, they said.

“They have a great thing going on up there, it’s very family-oriented,” Kevin said. “It’s not your typical rodeo ... It’s not a beer-drinking carousing bunch.”

The school is on board with it and he thought it would be a good event to wind things down leading up to the fireworks.

They want to collect donations to bring it in so people can attend the event for free.

“We want to have this for the community, just to give back,” Kevin said. “They’ve been so good to us.”

Kidston said it was a good idea and the council gave their OK for it.

Later in the meeting, the council also voted to donate $3,000 to the event’s fireworks display, the same amount the village donated last year.

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