If you haven’t received a pre-recorded phone call about your vehicle’s warranty or warrants for your arrest yet, be patient. You probably will — probably several times.

Scams are on the rise everywhere and Pioneer Police Chief Tim Livengood is taking a stand against them.

“Scams are being shared in a variety of ways including phone calls, computer emails, social media attachments/links, and texts,” he said. “Topics range from taxes, bills and utilities, family members incarcerated and in need of bail money right away and police officers looking to arrest you if you don’t bond immediately.”

The most recent scam to hit Pioneer residents includes a subject claiming to be with village utilities asking for personal information.

“The Village of Pioneer will not call you to request personal information over the phone,” the chief said.

“We want to let people know that scams are out there,” he said. “Never give out personal information over the phone; don’t engage in contractual things over the phone. It has the potential to wipe out your savings.

“Be aware,” he said. “Call us if you have questions. Turn in a scam and at least get it reported. Scam complaints go to the attorney general’s office and it helps them combat the problem. We want to help the public be more aware, more vigilant. Please don’t fall into the trap.”

His advice for avoiding scams:

• Do not answer calls from unknown numbers.

• Do not click on links or open unknown emails.

• Do not click on friend requests on social media of people with whom you are already friends.

• Look after elderly family members and friends to assure they do not fall victim to these predators.

• If it looks too good to be true, it is.

• Even if it looks legitimate (for example the number on your cell is actually your local police/sheriff’s office) know that law enforcement doesn’t contact you in this manner nor do they request payment over the phone. Neither do the IRS or government tax officials.

• Never act on anything where the contact requires you to “act quickly” or face a “penalty or punishment” for failing to do so.

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